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Management and Creative Team

The core team at Alpha.

Ben Jackson - Creator & Managing Director

Ben Jackson – Creator & Managing Director

An experienced performer, Ben’s mission in life is to bring experiences to people to make a difference. As managing director, he oversees most areas of the business. In the past, this was over 10 years of being on the road himself as a performer in every show that went on stage, tour/company managing and being the primary driver of our […]

Nicole Whittorn - Administration Manager

Nicole Whittorn – Administration Manager

Nicole manages everything of an administration and logistical nature in Alpha Shows. Without her work, Alpha would cease to function – literally! She is an invaluable member of the team and both our customers and actors look to her to support the continued running of Alpha. From costume washing every week, mail outs, calling schools to confirm, and managing the […]

Kyle Rowling - Fight Director

Kyle Rowling – Fight Director

Kyle has assisted Alpha since 2008, teaching us professional stage combat skills, choreographing many of our on stage hand to hand and sword fights, as well as making really beautiful armoury and speciality costumes for certain characters. Ben, Lachlan and Jacqui and the rest of the creative team have all been trained by Kyle, who choreographed all the light saber […]

Phil Jackson - Production Executive & Set Designer/Painter

Phil Jackson – Production Executive & Set Designer/Painter

Phil has been intricately involved with all aspects of production for all of Alpha’s shows. The amazing sets and the backdrops, the style of which has become well known to all who see one of our productions, have all taken weeks and weeks of incredibly detailed and painstaking work. Phil also oversees, maintains and invents all aspects of a technical […]

Jacqui Martin - Administration

Jacqui Martin – Administration

Jacqui has been working with Alpha Shows since 2011, formerly as a Company Cast Member, Tour Manager, then Company Manager, and now in an Administrative/Support role. Jacqui really believes in the messages that are being taught each and every day in an Alpha Shows performance. jacqui@aphashows.com.au

Lachlan Murdoch – Fight Instructor

Lachlan Murdoch – Fight Instructor

After over 10 years of hilarious performances in all of Alpha’s shows as well as taking on huge responsibilities as the driver, artistic director and keeping each show on the road, Lachlan’s focus is now on Alpha’s world-class stage combat, including choreographing and liaising with Kyle Rowling (our Fight Director) on engaging sword fights and other stage combat sequences, especially […]

Kat Glieson – Creative & Talent Director

Kat Glieson – Creative & Talent Director

Katja loves Alpha, as it gives the audience an amazingly fun and exciting experience, as well as learning and awareness through fun and entertainment! As the Creative Director for Alpha she has many responsibilities including overall messaging and direction of all shows, script writing including adaptations of lyrics, and managing other design staff including artists, costume designers, set builders and [...]
Abby-Rose Kerr – Head Choreographer

Abby-Rose Kerr – Head Choreographer

Abby-Rose Kerr originally joined the Alpha Shows family as a touring performer in 2019. Abby instantly fell in love with the fun and loving work environment, and the important messages Alpha’s shows present to the kids. Abby-Rose has since taken a step behind the scenes as head choreographer, getting to work with the directors and actors each rehearsal period to […]

Cortnee Jarvis – Head of Costume & Staging

Cortnee Jarvis – Head of Costume & Staging

Helping to bring Alpha shows to life, Cortnee is sewing up a storm to ensure Alpha’s fabulous actors look the part for every performance. In charge of creating, maintaining and expanding our library of costumes, wigs, mascots, sets, staging and props, her passion for costuming and design shines on stage. Cortnee prioritises visual and stylistic impact to help make each […]

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