An experienced performer, Ben’s mission in life is to bring experiences to people to make a difference. As managing director, he oversees most areas of the business. In the past, this was over 10 years of being on the road himself as a performer in every show that went on stage, tour/company managing and being the primary driver of our truck along with also creating new shows, selling shows and keeping the company running as a managing director. Presently, he primarily focusses on the overall creative vision and purpose of the company, managing and hiring staff, overall marketing, and most other areas of production, including directing most shows. All 10 productions were written by Ben, taking all the common elements and then putting his own spin on them to create a unique story that not only is funny and familiar, but also one that has an impact in social and emotional learning for children. He is particularly passionate about the direction Alpha has taken, under his leadership, towards creating events that are more than just ‘kids shows’; rather, integrated events that create life changing experiences, new understandings and feelings of joy and love, through what he refers to as ‘Closed Eyes’ (Emotional Process). These segments of the shows have become an integral part of the positive impact the shows have on children all around Australia. Ben is committed to making your theatre experience a truly magical one, and looks forward to having his company Alpha Shows return year after year to once again exceed your expectations!

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