Life changing children’s theatre.

That comes to you.

Transform Your Students’ Lives – Book Now and Be the Hero!

Imagine being the educator who brings an unforgettable, life-changing theatrical experience to your students – an event that not only entertains but deeply impacts their social and emotional growth. Don’t miss this opportunity to provide them with the best theatre has to offer, right in your school. By booking Alpha Shows, you’re not just organizing a performance; you’re investing in their futures, showing them the power of creativity, empathy, and resilience.

Our schedule fills up quickly, often a year in advance, and spaces are limited. Act now to ensure your school secures a spot in our highly sought-after calendar. Take action now, and secure your place as the hero who made this incredible experience possible. Your students will thank you, your colleagues will admire you, and you’ll feel the pride of making a profound difference. Don’t let this chance slip away – book today to be the champion of your school’s transformative journey and guarantee your school is part of something truly special!

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Flat Rate Pricing


  • For schools/venues with less than 115 total attendance. Whole school P-6 must attend if a school.

Standard Ticket Pricing


+ GST per student
  • Price per ticket (min audience 115). Standard price for all venues.
    If a school booking this is the price for partial school booking.

School Only Annual Subscription


+ GST per student
  • Price per student (min audience 180 students). Whole school P-6 must attend and you must prebook 3 separate shows over 36 months. This is also our rebooking rate if you rebook on the day of your show and subscribe for annual visits.

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