Alpha Shows Ptd Ltd is a highly respected and successful touring theatre company based in Melbourne Victoria, Australia. It tours various popular theatrical shows directly to venues, generally targeted at children of primary and high school age, but are also highly enjoyed by people of all ages. The shows are incredibly fun, interactive and really appeal to a segment of the market other shows generally aren’t able to fully interest and engage. The shows also each have a strong theme and message, using sophisticated techniques to emotionally move and inspire audiences in ways not accomplished in the past.

Alpha has multiple tours and seasons of various shows all year round. We therefore cast for a great variety of roles, from principal boys and girls in classic fairytales & myths; as well as comedy roles, villains and character roles.


Most roles in the shows you would need to be able to sing, however, we do have some roles that don’t require you to be a professional level singer. You will want to check out the audition preparation area fully and read through the list of roles available before deciding to audition.

Our company has been operating since 2003 and now tours multiple tours around Australia at once. We generally hire younger actors under 30 years old (min age 18). The shows require performers who are just about the best you can find anywhere in the world – the shows are challenging and full musical productions. We have become successful because we provide more value for money for our customers for less cost. This means we ask you to work hard, but the rewards are immeasureable compared to other gigs. See the Alpha Experience for more info.


Alpha’s shows offer actors the chance to perform properly in the style that they were trained to. Alpha’s shows are not like other children’s theatre shows. They are done in a music theatre style, allowing you to really hone and grow your skills in musical theatre – acting, singing AND dancing. We do nothing small! Our shows are intense and full on dramatic experiences, both for actors and the audience. We never ‘dumb down’ our shows and treat the script and storyline very seriously. You will be challenged and pushed as a performer to be your very best. And because each tour performs anywhere up to 80 or 90 shows, it means you get a chance to grow your character and performance beyond what is normally possible in amateur and other short run shows. This means you really get an experience that will leave you with very solid skills and growth that can lead to anywhere! Including becoming part of Alpha on a more ongoing basis, just like the select few actors who have been invited into the Alpha Ensemble enjoy today.



We only use the very best equipment that you would also find used in the top commercial music theatre in Australia. This means not only are you getting vital experience with microphones and other equipment, but you are able to perform and sing and therefore sound your very best, as well as look your best in our fabulous costumes and part of our full and sometimes quite elaborate sets. Real acting, real singing – and real swords too!


Watch videoes of the shows to get a better idea

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