How to prepare for your audition

You’ll want to be prepared for your audition so you can do your best, so explore the Auditions section fully.

How to apply?

1. First, check out all areas of this auditions area. Check the pay rates etc.

2. OPTIONAL: Sign up and become a member of the website. Go here: Register for a membership for Alpha Shows. You must have a valid email that can receive email and a modern computer with all updates applied.

3. Go and apply online using the online application form, filling out your experience, attaching your CV and Headshot, and answering some questions. Make sure you have your Headshot as an image file (rather than in a Word document etc)!

4. If you just want to submit an application, that’s fine, we’ll reach out to you for any next steps, or you can also prepare your audition as per below and include the link to your self-tape on the form itself. And you’re done! We’ll reach out for further information if we need it, or to let you know next steps.

What to prepare?

You’ll need to prepare one or multiple sides from our “Archetype Sides” available on the Which Part am I suitable for? page. Choose the archetype/s that you feel you are most suited to. You may even want to prepare a couple of them to show us your range. Please do not learn the sides off by heart, unless you really want to. Script in hand is preferred, so print them out and bring them with you to your audition. We’d rather you focus on performance rather than the stress of learning lines. Any applications that do not include an Alpha Shows Archetype Side reading will not be considered.

You’ll also need to prepare 1 pop song or modern musical theatre song and bring your own backing track on an iPod/iPhone or other phone/music player. THIS IS A SONG OF YOUR CHOICE. All of our shows are performed with backing tracks so it is important that we hear you sing with one (there will not be an accompanist and we will not accept a cappella). If you already have a video of you singing that would be appropriate, then feel free to just send us this link – no need to do a fresh singing audition.

When you send in a self-tape audition, please also make sure to introduce yourself and tell us some more about you, so that we can get to know you and ensure you are matched well with the rest of the cast.

So to summarize: 

– Choose the archetypes you’re most drawn to and perform them in character

– Chat To Camera (CTC) about yourself so we can get to know you

– Short song (pop-style and sung with a backing track) 

– Submit an Application Form on the website, and include the link to your self-tape on the form.

Tips for auditions: 

– You’re welcome to read from a script. We just want to see lots of energy and highly animated characterisation! 

– Be yourself in your CTC! What we’re looking for above all is someone who is a great vibe on tour… we all spend lots of time together so getting along well is important! We also need to know you’ll be reliable and great at getting things done in set up and pack down. 

– Songs can be speak-sung or done in character for comedy. We’re casting all comedy roles so don’t need you to be the perfect singer! (Check out an example of character singing here: 

Have fun and we can’t wait to see what you can do!

Note that you cannot be a full time student at school and you must be ready for full time touring work away from home to work for Alpha. You can be in high school currently as long as you’re keen to work once you graduate and are 18 or older. You should have done some training, whether during school years or post-high school, but we will also consider equivalent experience.

Check the pay rates first BEFORE applying. Note you will need to be injury free as you’ll be doing technical work and lifting, and be prepared for lots of travelling in our touring vehicle.

Choose your Archetype

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