Obliterate Limiting Beliefs

During the show, Luminaire helps the Beast and the audience let go of silly beliefs we can sometimes have about ourselves, such as “I’m not smart” or “I’m not good enough”. Learn more


Classic Story

Yes, Alpha’s adaptation is similar to the version of the story everyone knows. Learn more

Full Musical Production

Cleverly adapted musical numbers bring a modern feel, with full production values, sound and lighting etc. Read more


Touring since 2003…

…but completely rewritten with brand new set and costumes and characters. Proven appeal. Loved by everyone.

About the Show

Alpha’s Beauty and the Beast combines all that is loved about any version of the classic fairytale you could imagine. Alpha’s version is grounded in love through letting go of old beliefs, old rules and all that prevents us from loving others fully without fear. Belle also learns to look beneath the surface and move on from her initial horror at the Beast’s appearance. The Beast finally learns to move on from his fears that nobody would ever love a beast, and treat Belle with kindness.

This show is also incredibly funny and silly! There’s lots of laughs for grown ups and children. At times very touching and dramatic, this is a full theatrical production of the classic tale, and is guaranteed to be loved by people of all ages. It subtly encourages everyone to have fun as well as learn the process of truly believing in yourself, letting go and feeling love for yourself and others.


Outcome: To bring children back in line with their natural intuitive nature and to help all involved to create their life how they want it and to be a role model to everyone else

The character of the Beast is a great lesson in how disempowering negative beliefs about people and ourselves can have undesired effects in our lives. Just like the Beast, instant transformation is also possible in all of us. We all have limiting beliefs that hold us back from our full potential, and it is possible to instantly destroy those beliefs and transform our lives for the better in a moment. Download Curriculum Documents

Details for School Bookings

  1. Modular set, about 8 metres wide. Height clearance of 4.5 metres for truss, can fit into a medium MPR, ideal venue a dark hall or gym
  2. Suitability: Pre-Kinder to Year 6 in Primary Schools, Year 7 to Year 9 in High Schools
  3. Duration: 70 minutes + Question Time / Set up time: 90 minutes
  4. Space needed: 9m x 8m cleared space (MINIMUM)
  5. Power: Single power outlet
  6. Fog Machine: (optional) venue should have smoke detectors isolated
  7. Show start: 9am or 2pm (for 1 show); approx 9:15am/11:30am (2 shows)
  8. Cast arrive at 8am or 12:30pm

More info for schools

Show Trailer



Flat Rate Pricing


  • For schools with less than 150 total enrolment. Whole school P-6 must attend.

Per Student Pricing


+ GST per student
  • Price per student (min audience 115 students). For less than whole school bookings.

Per Student Annual Subscription


+ GST per student
  • Price per student (min audience 180 students). Whole school P-6 must attend and you must prebook 3 separate shows over 36 months. This is also our rebooking rate if you rebook on the day of your show and subscribe for annual visits.

Conditions of Booking

  1. A booking deposit of $400 applies at time of booking to secure you a place in our schedule to obtain a date assignment. It does not lock in other details (like audience size). Alpha does not take bookings without a deposit.
  2. A specific date and time cannot be guaranteed (even if you have paid a deposit); although we will work with you to find the best time suitable. Booking deposits do not secure dates, but a place in our schedule, which will continue to be a floating booking until we find you a date that is mutually acceptable.
  3. The booking deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE under any circumstances
  4. A cancellation fee of $800 (per performance) in addition to the booking deposit applies to all cancellations received up to 11 days before show.
  5. PLUS other conditions, click link to read full terms

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