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Key Features of Alpha Shows

Alpha’s full theatrical productions are perfect to invite to your theatre. Be it part of your annual season or as part of your festival or school holiday program, Alpha’s shows are sure to attract large numbers of families to your venue.

Already in a Theatre Near You

Join other theatres like Darebin PAC, Wyndham PAC, Karralyka Centre, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Her Majesty’s Theatre Ballarat, Regent Theatre Yarram, Gasworks Albert Park, Plenty Ranges PAC, Hamilton PAC, Ararat PAC, Federation Square BMW Edge, Portland PAC, Lilydale Athanaeum Theatre, Sir Robert Helpmann + all Country Arts SA theatres, Kyabram Plaza, Warrnambool PAC (via Fun4Kids) and the Alexander Theatre (via Monash Vacation Care) and invite an Alpha show to your venue. Schedule

Like a show for adults

Alpha believes that children’s theatre should be treated like it’s adults theatre. We spend thousands of dollars and a huge investment of time and energy to perfect each element of the show, to the highest level of what is possible for a touring show. Whilst the shows are marketed as ‘children’s theatre’ – you could very easily use them for many other uses, including events and community festivities for any group of people. These efforts ensure not only children but all grown ups have a theatrical experience that is humourous, entertaining and at the same level of quality they would expect when going to see any musical in Melbourne today.


The shows are more than just entertainment. They contain important messages about life, being your best and lessons we could all use, grown ups included! The scripts are not cobbled together based on some book of the year or some silly random plot or character. They are carefully crafted to be comically clever, heart warming and life changing because of the wonderful universal truths they contain. The music is based on songs that engage us already at a high level, those we’re familiar with. Learn more


So what level of quality should you expect from Alpha? The shows use full production values, using our expertise to turn these stories into real theatrical stage shows. This is theatre at it’s most magical, memorable and engaging. Although we would never be able to say our shows go as far in expense and jaw-dropping stage work that certain shows ‘on ice’ go to or other shows that do long seasons in city theatres, Alpha has managed to bring the elements you would expect from these elaborate productions (costumes, sets, lighting, fx, performer talent) and yet still be a show that can tour to a different venue each day and be cheap enough for any group to afford.

More variety and unique shows

Plus we add to the already familiar and common shows done for children many times in the past (like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty) by producing more shows never done on the stage before, like Hercules, or King Arthur – great to engage young male theatre goers. We also perform them in our much-loved Alpha style that has incredible levels of audience inclusion and interactivity unlike anything in other classic children’s movies that have made it to the stage.

Paradigm Shifting

In the 21st century, we have to find new ways of presenting theatre that engages – people are overloaded now with in your face and immediate entertainment; on tablets, consoles, the internet… Theatre has to do more than just present a narrative on stage. With an Alpha show, we guarantee that you will engage all the children for longer, you will help to create massive levels of growth and excitement, and host shows that appeal to children of a significantly broader age range. There are simply NO OTHER SHOWS in Australia that appeal to the age-range of Alpha Shows and get them as excited for theatre, your venue, what your outcomes are, and about life in general.

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Attracts larger crowds, meaning greater exposure for your theatre and less risk. We have reasonable costings based on smaller numbers, and we only ask for more money if you get larger crowds.

A total of SIX actors playing TEN or more characters. To get that many performers usually costs a lot more and usually you have to have a minimum season. We’ll do a single show with a full cast, every time, for a great price.

All of our sets have different scenes, backdrops and staging, all with clever designs that keep the audience interested and the show looking great in your theatre.

Movie length shows – the perfect length that children are accustomed to. All of our shows run from 80 to 90 minutes – PLUS you can elect to have an interval in all our shows. You are getting more stage time from us, therefore more value for money.

We know exactly what entertains children, as well as the importance of keeping the adults entertained just as much! No more bored father’s or mum’s who sit through a boring show hoping their children enjoyed it! You can also stop ‘burning’ your audiences which we’ve heard time and time again for years that this has been happening – parents who have given up bringing their children to shows because of the poor quality and high level of boredom the adults experience.

Our shows are without a doubt 100% proven to appeal to a much higher age group – from 3-4 years up to at least 14 or 15 years old! And parents love it too! Compare that to a children’s band style group which caters for 1-5 year olds, or other children’s shows that lose the age 9 and upwards.

Adapted songs that fit perfectly into the stories, that children and adults know and love (and can sing along with!)

Alpha’s shows include the audience every step of the way. You’ve never seen audience interaction done like this.

Even if you don’t have your own lighting etc, we have full theatre lights, fog machine effects, and state-of-the-art Countryman and DPA earset/headset microphones. No other show brings their own lighting and sound desk, so even if you just used our effects we’re way ahead of the competition – but if you want to treat this like other shows you have in (who don’t bring anything with them) and add your own lighting and sound reinforcement, then be our guest; we will work with you on the day, provide a lighting plot and call the show to your operator.

Both unique titles and family favorites! We run shows most of the year and even if you had us every year you would not repeat a show for almost a decade! We also have Christmas versions of our shows!

We don’t need extra help with anything like funding applications, hiring equipment, travel or technical staff. You simply pay an agreed price and we do everything for you.

Great feedback from all clients

“The quality was fantastic…Fun 4 Kids found both the crew and performers very easy to work with and are keen to have them back next year…A terrific addition to our event…Very interactive with audience. Alpha have once again impressed us with their professionalism and enthusiasm to please. Our aim is to put smiles on little faces and we are happy to announce that every little face that saw this show left with a broad grin. Fun4Kids are extremely pleased with Alpha shows – the audience reactions are very positive and they are now growing a following of young theatre goers. Congratulations!” – Fun4Kids Festival @ The Warrnambool Performing Arts Centre

Pricing below is not for schools, please click here instead for school pricing packages

Per Ticket Pricing


+ GST per head
  • Min audience 130
  • Discounts apply for annual/seasonal bookings

Flat rate Pricing


+ GST flat rate
  • For audiences up to 300
  • Price for medium venues

Flat rate Pricing


+ GST flat rate
  • For audiences up to 500
  • Special price for larger venues

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