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To grab yourself a FREE Alpha Show for your school*, simply fill out this form. Your friends at other schools will receive their own FREE Alpha Show! Once the friends on your list confirm their FREE show date with Alpha, you’ll get your own FREE show!

*FREE show for your school must be for this year, and in addition to the paid show you’ve already booked unless your paid show is in Nov/Dec, then the FREE show can be in the following year in addition to a paid booking. You cannot receive your FREE show in lieu of any paid show, otherwise Alpha would collapse financially, then no shows at all for anyone! The other 3 schools receiving a FREE show is with the assumption that they’ll probably book in future years, as you have done, so in the long term we won’t lose money or explode financially, so don’t worry! Their shows must also be for this year or when it is convenient for us to offer them a show in a spare spot in our schedule we’re unlikely to fill with a paid booking. This school must meet all other minimum requirements (in terms of school size), have the show for their whole school, and must be a viable candidate to afford booking our shows continually in future years after their free show. We hope offering everyone a FREE show now will help illustrate to new schools that they will love Alpha just as much as you do! Thanks for your help to spread the word about Alpha Shows! We love you!

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