Post-Tour Evaluation Form

Touring life can be intense and no tour is without its challenges. The highs, the lows, the loud audiences, the weird audiences, and all the adventures that happen along the way. That said, we aim to make each tour the best it can be for you and the children, and we strongly believe that an Alpha Shows tour is a positive and life-changing experience.

The professional skills and learnings you gained on tour can help you in future career endeavors, within the entertainment industry and elsewhere. We have had Company Cast Members go on to huge success both in performance and in other careers, due to the invaluable experience, emotional resilience, personal growth and problem-solving skills built whilst out on tour.

We want to hear from you! In fact, it’s mandatory to receive a post-tour evaluation from every Company Cast Member after each tour! We listen and implement your feedback to make it better for the future.

We strive for constant and never-ending improvement, progression over perfection. As you fill out the form, remember the realities of what it means to tour shows around the country. Put yourself in the shoes of management and think how you might solve problems if you were in running a tour – after all we are always looking for a variety of Tour Managers for future tours as we aim to have diversity in our Tour Leadership team.

As you know from the shows, we value honesty and truth above all else. This form is completely confidential and will only be viewed by Company Directors.

Thank you for your feedback!

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