• what’s the we will rock you version do you use in your show?

    I love it

  • Hi Awesome People from Alpha Shows

    We loved your show and we thought it rocked. We enjoyed dancing with you. We especially enjoyed the sword fight. Some students thought the kissing was gross.

    We also have a

    • Hey 1/2 Patton class!
      We’re so glad you guys enjoyed the show!
      Thank you so much for your great questions and here are all of our answers for you:

      Could you please remind us of your names?
      Kyle (Quasimodo), Georgie (Esmerelda), Nicola (Hugo and Jiacomo), Dan (Phoebus and Father Tourangeau), Lydia (Mamma Frill and Djali) and Lachie (Frollo)

      Who were the people moving the stage displays behind the stage?
      That was all of the actors, when we’re not on stage we’re helping out with changing the set or doing the sound and lighting cues.

      Are you going to make a new show for next year?
      We’ll be doing Sleeping Beauty next year!

      What show are you going to do next?
      We are performing Hunchback of Notre Dame until May and then we will perform Cinderella with a few different actors

      Was your show inspired by a movie?
      Our show is inspired by a very old story written by Victor Hugo, who wanted to tell a story about the beauty and the magic of the Notre Dame cathedral.

      Where did you get your costumes from?
      We have a costume designer, Rachel, who makes all of our costumes for us.

      How do you do multiple performances in one day without getting tired?
      We get lots of energy in the shows from performing to you guys, but other than that we just try to look after ourselves by getting enough sleep, drinking lots of water and getting an energy boost from a good snack like a banana!

      How do you get changed into different costumes so quickly?
      We practice it a lot and we have zips and velcro that make it as easy as possible to get in and out of costumes quickly.

      What was in the chalice?
      There’s not really any liquid in there, just some lights and batteries so it can glow.

      How did the chalice glow?
      2 ways – when someone is holding it there was a little button at the back that they can push to turn the lights on, and when nobody was holding it, it was sitting on a little board that gets plugged in and then the people at the lighting desk can turn it on and off.

      Who played the part of the crocodile and the goat?
      The crocodile was played by Dan who also played Father Tourangeau and Djali, the goat, was played by Lydia, who also played Mamma Frollo.

      What did you do when you were behind stage?
      We’re often doing things backstage, such as changing for another character, operating the sound and lighting, changing the set or getting a bit of a water break!

      How did you know what to say and when to go on stage?
      We have a script that tells us all of those things, then we practice/rehearse the show for a week and learn everything that needs to happen in the show, such as when to come onstage or leave, our choreography for the dances and all of the sound and lighting steps to do. After a week of rehearsing the show we know what to say and where to go 🙂

      Do you like strawberries?
      We LOVE them!

      Thank you for your great questions!
      Looking forward to seeing you again next year!

  • Hi Alpha Theatre

    We saw your Hercules show today and it was awesome. And we all liked it because we thought it was very funny and we were entertained.

    We have a few questions for you:
    1) Do you perform in

  • How many schools have you done in Tasmanian

    • We’ve been to 5 different schools in Tassie this year, but we’d love to go to heaps more! We love coming to see you in Tasmania 🙂

  • audiencemember wrote a new post, Music 2 years ago

    Good Afternoon,

    I am after some information regarding the tour of the show “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”. We are a school of 510 in Shepparton, Victoria.

    Could you please send me through price per

  • audiencemember wrote a new post, Question 2 years ago

    Hi there
    I was wondering what the song is called where you sing the words fly away now

  • Hi Guys,

    My name is Eli Geary and I used to run the School Holiday program from Bendigo YMCA years ago. I have gone full circle and am now running OSHC programs for Children with disabilities in Bendigo. I am

  • Hello! I’m Keira I asked you a question today it was ‘what inspired you to be an actor’ I got half an answer due to my friend pulling me away to go back to our class I don’t know if you remember but please let me

    • Hey Keira!
      Yeah I remember! Lots of different things have inspired us to perform. Watching other people doing what they love is very inspiring. It’s also a pretty special feeling when you perform for people for the first time. For me personally, I loved that I could use my voice or performing to help people feel something! I especially love making people laugh.

  • Hi guys👋🏻
    I’m Matilda- grade 6
    And my little sisters are Bridget- grade 5, and Georgie- grade 3. We wanted to ask you guys a question about the performance ‘King Arthur’. How do you guys decide your roles?


    • Hi Matilda, Bridget and Georgie!
      We decide what people are going to play after we see them audition. So they read a bit of script and sing for us and we decide which part they might suit after that!

  • What are your names

    • The cast of King Arthur are:
      Patrick (who played Arthur)
      Lachie (Lancelot)
      Megan (Guinevere)
      Nicola (Katoka & Banshee)
      Jack (Merlin & Murky) and
      Jacqui (Morgana & Lady of the Lake)

  • Do You Use Real Swords

  • Hi,

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  • How much do you get paid a year

  • when you react to something sad during your performances, do you actually cry?

    • Yes, we can sometimes cry for real, but we use different techniques to connect to our emotions. We don’t want to use something that makes us really sad, that we won’t be able to get through in the show, because that’s not safe for us to deal with in the middle of the show. We save that emotional processing for later usually. Most of the actors have done quite a bit of training in different techniques for connecting to our emotions while we’re acting.
      Thanks for the awesome question!

  • How could the eel see out of the costume?

    • Hi Brodie,
      There is mesh in the mouth area where all of the suit characters can see from, but the eels mouth is just a lot more concealed than Yabbi and the seahorse so it’s a bit trickier to see!
      Hope you enjoyed the show 🙂

  • How show were you all when you first got on stage?

    • Hi Asha,
      We have all been through our different stages of nerves in performing. It’s very natural, and we’re also very accepting of the fact that it’s a natural part of being a performer. For all of us, we’ve realised in some way or another that we enjoyed other things about performing so we were able to work through our nerves and being shy.
      Practising helps a lot too. We make sure that we rehearse a lot so that we can feel confident about the material that we’re performing 🙂

  • What was the water made from in the Little Mermaid?

    • Hi Mercia,
      We have a few things we use for the water. We have some silk material that we wave around in the storm and then we use our painted sets, and fog and lighting effects to give the storm its full effect!

  • Where did you get the swords from?

    • Hey Jacob!
      We get our swords from the guy who teaches us how to use them. His name is Kyle Rowling and he runs The Action Acting Academy in Sydney. He finds all of the right weapons for us to use, and teaches us how to use them all properly.

  • Where did you train?

    • Hi Archie,
      All of our actors have different amounts of experience. Some of us had done shows and performances with our schools. Some of us studied acting, singing and dancing outside of school as we were growing up. Some of us did stand up comedy. Some of us studied performing at university or at a specific performing arts school after high school.
      So as you can see we’ve all come into Alpha Shows from different paths 😀

  • How long did they practice for before the show?

    • Hi Kade,
      We rehearsed the show for 6 days before we start performing the show at schools! We rehearse for about 8 hours and go through a lot in those 6 days. We have to learn all of the blocking (where we stand on stage), the dance and fight choreography, the set changes, costume changes and also all of the sound and lighting that happens in the show.
      It’s just the 6 actors that do all of it, so it does take a little while to learn it all!

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