Supplies & Repairs Request

Supplies Requisition Request

Complete this form when you are running low on tour supplies and need to request a re-order. It’s best to time your request so that you can have them for your tour in advance, as all deliveries will be sent to Alpha Shows HQ in Altona North. Any materials or supply expense under $50 does not need approval, but anything greater you can use this form to obtain approval for an expense even if you’re putting in the order. Note that non-approval for <$50 expenses only applies to necessary and essential tour materials and supplies, for anything else please fill out this form.

Repair Request

Complete this form when you have a repair request for any touring or vehicle equipment. You can also use it for minor issues with any technical issue with your email, with the website, Filemaker or anything else. Please give detailed notes on every step you have gone through, the platforms you are using, screenshots or pictures of the issue or broken item, so that we can best support you in getting things back to how they should be!

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