After 5 days of rehearsing and performing Alpha’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame… to no audience… we finally reached the first day of our 2013 tour, a travel day to Mildura.

Leave time was 9.00AM and after some separation anxiety from our Company Driver and cast member Lachlan over his fruit and veggie juicer, it was decided the juicer would be our 7th cast member and all seven of us we were finally on our way.

With a six and a half hour drive ahead of us we knew we would get a bit crazy but we got coffee anyway… from a petrol station….



….They don’t…. but not through lack of trying!

So we were three hours in to our drive and it was time for The Age Superquiz. A daily ritual facilitated by Jacqui our tour manager. Today’s was completed over the brand new intercom system in the truck so we could answer them as a team, with 5 of us giving ridiculous answers and James Shaw pushing our final score to 17, The Age dubbed us all “smarty pants” with this new confidence boost and us all feeling pretty chuffed we stopped for lunch in possibly the tiniest town we drove through all day, Wycheproof, VIC.

This tiny town provided Jacqui and I with our favourite part of the day; $2 lucky dips at the town’s information centre






Although the pencil and the box of stickers were probably not worth the 2 bucks, the adrenalin of the present opening certainly was!!


And after the fourth toilet stop for the day *note to self don’t drink so many fluids whilst on the road, we were finally on our last leg of our journey to Mildura.

This final leg being possibly the most creative and craziest journey of the day, we devised a new road game called “lip sync to Carly Rae Jepson” Videos to follow.

Finally at our accommodation and after a quick Haircut for Frollo


It was early to bed for the cast ready for our first day of shows tomorrow at Irymple PS and The Lake PS!

Alpha Shows! Coming to a town near you.

– Flick



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