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Cast of Cinders here, writing in the truck, on the way to Horsham. Our final tour for the year has begun. Cinderella 2012. We had lots of fun travelling around Victoria last week with some awesome audiences. Like our first shows of the tour in Myrtleford for 2 new schools, St Mary’s and Bright College. They really got into the Alpha spirit, in the fantastic performing arts centre in Myrtleford. Then back to Frankston, to Derinya PS, then out to Bairnesdale, then back to Langwarrin on Friday. What a way to finish an awesome first week. A packed theatre with one of the most responsive audiences we could hope for! Fantastic energy from a wonderful school.
This weekend the cast got some inspiration from seeing a fantastic cast perform ‘A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum’ where we got to spend some more quality time together. Always amazing to watch such a stellar cast, including Geoffrey Rush, Magda Szubanski, Hugh Sheridan, Shane Bourne and Christie Whelan-Browne.
We’re all looking forward to heading up to Queensland and NSW after our week of regional VIC shows this week. We’re going to be away for about a month! Are we coming to see you at your school?! We hope so!
Check out some of our pics from the tour so far.
Alpha Shows Cinderella Cast
Jacqui Martin, Josie Lamb, Dave Lang, Lachlan Murdoch, James Shaw and Sally Pitts
Cinderella set (Picture upside down, not sure how to fix it, sorry!)
Ben’s still in the show everyone!
Cinderella on TV. This is how we see the show from backstage.
Beady and Trombone
Trombone and Fairy as the Old Beggar Woman
Right in front of our accommodation in Bairnesdale.
Josie, Dave and James in Bairnesdale
Cinders cast getting ready for a show.
Sally pressing buttons!
And the weird and wonderful couples of Alpha Shows!

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