Worthy of Love

How can a poor servant stepchild find her inner self-worth and have the confidence to meet the prince? Let your children discover their own sense of love for themselves as the Fairy Godmother creates more magic than you’d expect. Learn more

Relevant for today

Boys and girls alike, all of us, young and old, sometimes struggle with feelings of not ‘being enough’. Through humour and sensitivity we move the audience beyond these illusions of unworthiness, and it works for everyone. Learn more

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Non-stop hilarity

This show just never stops! So much energy and humour, by far the funniest version of Cinderella you’ll ever experience! Beady’s one liners, Baldrick’s innuendo and great characterisations from the stepsisters and stepmother – come dance on stage and have a ball! Learn more

About the Show

Alpha’s Cinderella is probably the show with the chance for the audience to interact the most! More songs, kids on stage and three villains! Children are ready to protest the injustice served up to Cinderella by her stepsisters and the Evil Stepmother, as this is often the most relevant to how a child can feel.

Cinderella as a result sometimes feels like she’s not good enough, so the Fairy Godmother helps her by taking her and the audience on a beautifully guided journey called an ’emotional flood’, that can invigorate all the love and joy you need in any moment. The Prince himself is not perfect and gets help to overcome his fears of dancing!

This show will have you dancing and singing – maybe even on stage! – for days and weeks to come.

Values Theme: SELF-WORTH

Outcome: To bring an understanding of why most of us feel unworthy of love – due to our experiences in early childhood and the unloving treatment many of us receive despite a parents good intentions.


Cinderella has a belief that she is not “worthy” of going to the ball, or doesn’t feel she deserves it. We all have these fears and especially young girls, even at a young age, can start to feel unworthy, not good enough etc. How many times in life have we ‘played small’, not tried to do something because you didn’t think you were good enough or worthy enough to do it.

Like Cinderella, we sometimes accept those things that aren’t fair or at a good enough standard to live an outstanding life because we don’t think we’re worth it, we don’t even believe in ourselves enough. This show contains a process designed to heal these wounds. Download Curriculum Documents

Details for Theatres

  1. Suitable for all audiences, families work well, age 2 upwards to age 13.
  2. Modular set, from 6 to 9 metres wide. 2 major scenes, Cinderella’s Kitchen and the Palace. Special scenes include the Fireplace and Ballroom. Fits perfectly on a stage, connects to wings.
  3. Price for 1 show $2000 + GST (max audience 250)
  4. Price for 2 shows $3100 + GST (max audience 400)

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Details for Schools

  1. Modular set, about 6 to 9 metres wide. Height clearance of 4.5 metres for truss, can fit into a small MPR or Hall
  2. Suitability: Pre-Kinder to Year 6 in Primary Schools, Year 7 to Year 9 in High Schools
  3. Duration: 90 minutes + Question Time / Set up time: 90 minutes
  4. Space needed: 8m x 8m cleared space (MINIMUM)
  5. Power: 3 phase OR 2 power points on separate circuits
  6. Fog Machine: venue must have smoke detectors isolated
  7. Show start: 9:15am or 1:45pm (for 1 show); 9:15am/11:30am (2 shows)
  8. Cast arrive at 7:45am or 12:30pm

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Flat rate Pricing



If you are booking at this rate for only a few grade levels, you are encouraged to get other year levels on board to make up the numbers to at least 120, to save you money per student

  • For audiences less than 120 (max is 120)
  • Price for any school with low student numbers

Conditions of Booking

  1. A specific date and time cannot be guaranteed (even if you have paid a deposit); although we will work with you to find the best time suitable
  2. A booking deposit of $300 applies at time of booking to reserve your date – note this only confirms your date, not other details (like audience size). Alpha does not take bookings without a deposit.
  3. The booking deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE under any circumstances
  4. A cancellation fee of $500 (per show/day) in addition to the booking deposit applies to all cancellations received up to 7 days before show.
  5. PLUS other conditions, click link to read full terms

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