“The actors were extremely believable and very colourful. Fantastic sets with simple and effective change overs. Very interactive with audience. Alpha have once again impressed us with their professionalism and enthusiasm to please. Fun4Kids was extremely pleased with Alpha’s Sleeping Beauty – the audience reactions were very positive and they are now growing a following of young theatre goers. Congratulations!” – Anne-Marie Quinlan, Fun4Kids Festival 2005

Even though the girls had just been to see Disney on Ice –
‘Alpha’s Sleeping Beauty’ was all they could talk about
and were very excited to be
seeing it again today at Federation Square. We even brought the rest of the family for today’s
showing. Even a two-year old (who are famous for having attention spans as big as a gnat’s wing) sat enthralled for almost an hour; the three year old was right into it for the whole show and the seven year old was straight onto the website the minute we got home to find out more.” – Giovanna Stevenson

“We’ve received lots of excellent feedback from the general public. The shows were EXCELLENT! Lots of music, excellent quality of performance, set and costumes. Good script! Ben – it was excellent – thanks so much. We certainly don’t seem to have a problem getting people to come along! Would love to add another of your shows to our next season.” – Kate Deacon, Federation Square

“Excellent, lots of energy, very engaging for audience. Very professional – good range of product. Very slick/smooth, it looks effortless!” – Daniel Sandler, Federation Square

“Kids really responded to the characters. Great script – something for old & young to enjoy. It was great to see past feedback incorporated and Prince Charming giving up his position for his love! Nice work. I was surprised at how much all the kids got into it (3 – 12 years). Some really little ones were scared sometimes, but overall it was a fabulous reaction. Great to see our staff all up dancing too! Fabulous! We look forward to it every year and the kids love it. An all round professional experience, especially in the Alexander Theatre (Monash). Great job Ben!” – Dinah Humphries, Monash Vacation Care

“It was a very tight and slick production. Helpful and professional. Many comments that it was one of the best performances they saw at Fun4Kids in 2006. The comedy was well targeted – great for kids and adults alike. Overall a brilliant addition to our festival program. Thanks!” – Lisa McLeod, Prog Manager Fun4Kids Festival

“What a terrific time the family had at the Fun4Kids festival. It was amazing to hear my daughter’s highlight was the Sleeping Beauty production, which she saw almost all 4 shows during the festival [Alpha did 6 shows at the festival]. Is it possible to get hold of the production on either a CD or DVD. It will truly make the whole event surreal! We are still on your WebPage listening to the Production Music. Looking forward to next year’s production of Cinderella at the festival” – Mario Pansino

“Over-the-top, big & bold – totally befitting the genre. Costumes excellent, sets worked well, sound very good. High quality production, 9 out of 10 (I never give a 10/10). Conduct, 10 out of 10! Wonderful group of people (I must give a 10/10). A high quality adaptation, production and performance, and well cast. Marketing materials are good and delivered well in advance. It’s very clear what the product is. The audience loved it.” – Rod Wilson, Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre

“Excellent rapport with audience – clear and articulate. Right on the level for these children. Easy to follow plot and understand subplots. Our first panto – great experience for them. Staff impressed. Excellent cast, well produced play with great level of interaction. Thanks for the experience – children will remember this one!” – Ken Cameron, Hamilton Performing Arts Centre

“Excellent, wonderful singing voices. Excellent conduct. No improvement necessary. Enjoyed by all children and adults. 10 out ot 10!” – Jenny Bowden, at Portland Arts Centre

“Well done, the kids enjoyed it and participated well!” – Renata Varrato, Plenty Ranges Arts and Convention Centre

“Hey Ben,

Just read your messages and I completely understand.

I am just a parent who loves taking his daughter along to your shows in public arenas and have done now for a couple of years.

My daughter and myself enjoy the shows and so much so, we invite others to attend with us.

I have voiced my frustrations to you before about not having your shows on during holidays as venues will not book them I find that frustrating as most of the time they do not know what they are expecting or missing out on.

I know what you mean by fear, but the way I look at it, if you do not display that fear, there is no way to defeat it.

All the best and hope to catch up soon at another public venue.

Derek Screen

(PS: please pass on to all your crew for us – 1, 2, 3 – You rock!)”

“I really enjoyed your show of Sleeping Beauty. I can’t decide who my favriote
character was, but i liked Jamie and Andy. I also liked how Andy started singing What are you waiting for. I also liked Malificent’s Progitive. Talking about songs at my school concert my whole School sang Reach for the Stars, [thats why I knew the song]. At home i’ve been writting a recount, and i’ve wrote about 2 pages of your show.” – Tahlia Pansino

“Dear Alpha Theatrical, My family and I saw your wonderful production of Sleeping Beauty TWICE at the Fun4Kids Festival here in Warrnambool and were wondering is it available on video or DVD for purchase. Looking forward to hearing from you in anticipation” – Jonathan, Jenny, Winona and Venetia Cox

“Just want to offer feedback about the terrific show of Sleeping Beauty that we saw on the weekend at Fed Square. I took my 6 year old on Saturday and she was enthralled. I too was impressed with the professionalism, humour and talent of the performers. We came back on Sunday and noticed that the advertised dance show was cancelled. However, we were happy to watch Sleeping Beauty for the second time, and my daughter cannot stop talking about it, even 2 days later. And she was able to talk with the actors afterwards!

Finally can you tell give me some dates when this show will be on again please? (We’d love to get our cousins to see it too)

Thanks for the opportunity to see such great children’s performers – and for free!” – Kathy Cooney and Georgia (6 years old)

“hi guys

you came to my school ascot vale west primary school and proformed the hunchback of notre dame (it was fab) then you came to my church real life cristian church it was so great the first time i went to my church and saw it again i took some friends and sister they thought it was great this is just a letter to say thank you so much i have learnt a lot from these.


“I know a special song in German that tells the whole story – I was going to sing it for you after the show but Mum wouldn’t let me. My little sister Erin was there too and she liked the show too. She likes Aurora/Rose’s singing and pretty dress.

We hope to bring Dad and our little brother Christopher to tomorrow afternoon’s show.

Can’t wait. See you tomorrow.” – Myee

“Dear Esmerelda,
I saw you proformence The Hunchback of Notre Dame it was realy cool Cool :-). I want to be a childrens entertainer just like you when I grow up!” –

from Georgia (the
girl who is as tall
as you.)

“The quality was fantastic…Fun 4 Kids found both the crew and performers very easy to work with and are keen to have them back in 2005…A terrific addition to our event…Fun 4 Kids Festival was thrilled to host Beauty and the Beast at this years event. Our aim is to put smiles on little faces and we are happy to announce that every little face that saw this show left with a broad grin. A job well done” – Anne-Marie Quinlan, Fun4Kids Festival 2004

“Top stuff! Cute story and very creative. Very professional and very entertaining. The children loved it! It was clever and creative modifying modern songs to suit the story.” – Danielle Schwabe, Footscray YMCA Holiday Program

“Excellent – it has been very easy and informative to deal with the whole company. I am very impressed at the work that you put into your shows and your business in general. The children loved it – and some jokes for adults too! Especially like the songs/themes about being able to achieve anything. The supplementary materials were great. Everyone was very professional and overall the interactions with the children were engaging and rewarding for them. Support material was also very helpful. Keep up the good work guys! – Dinah Humphries, Monash Vacation Care

“Fantastic, held the kids attention the whole way through. Great, very bright and appropriate. Easy to follow and encouraged audience participation. Very friendly and related to the kids well. Awesome production, the kids and teachers were raving about it afterwards.” – Stacie Oliver, Team Leader Vacation Care Ballarat YMCA

“Children thoroughly enjoyed it – fantastic, child level. Everyone that attended thoroughly enjoyed the event. Involving the children was fantastic.” – Debbie McCann, Tatura Children Centre

“Kept children involved really well. Fantastic! I loved the remake of the songs and the way the song lyrics are funny.” – Rebecca Guy, YMCA Bendigo Regional

“Some jokes/songs were a little old for our younger audience but they loved it – the children had a BALL! It was interactive and they learned heaps.” – Andrea Lane, YMCA of Moonee Valley

“Fantastic! Realistic and authentic looking. I loved it! The script was believable and related well! The kids loved it, the performers encouraged audience participation and overall it was extremely entertaining for all who watched it. I loved the costumes and performers interpretation of the characters, it was so nice to see that so much effort had been put in to a show for the kids. Thank you!” – Rebecca Kleeberg, Hastings School Holiday Program

“Absolutely fantastic. The children were very entertained, they loved it and so did the staff! etc etc” – Campbell Atkinson, Mornington School Holiday Program

“I thought the actors were fantastic, they were great! I was surprised at how good the costume/set/sound was. The lighting was good but would have been better if our venue was darker. No doubt about it, FANTASTIC. It was really good, well written and presented. An easy 10! Actors were fabulous. The way you guys presented the play was amazing. The kids and staff enjoyed it. Would love to see another production. I really like how the music/singing came in and out of it. It came in and out at the right times, really great. Also how the actors got the children involved was good. Also the use of people they would know, Shannon, Guy, Millsy and Eminem, fantastic.” – Michelle Lenahan, Footscray YMCA

“The performance was very professionally done, I was very impressed and entertained. Well done, you achieved a lot with what you had. The modern songs and script made it easy for the children to relate. Excellent with children, really got everyone involved. Very professional, kept everyone entertained for the entire time, well done. The overall performance was awesome, they brought the story to life in a way children could enjoy and relate to.” – Danielle Schwabe, Footscray YMCA

“Fantastic acting, very high standard (great voices!). I was disappointed I could not organise one of our theatres here at Monash [as it would have been perfect]. It kept the children interested through the whole show. No need [for improvements]! We would definitely like you back next year!” – Rita Gualtieri, Monash University Vacation Care Program

“Lively, colourful and full of enthusiasm. Clever story, great…overall fabulous!” – Barb Hall-Duggan, Ballarat YMCA Vacation Care

“Funny, kept to story well. As well as keeping the Cinderella story with modern songs and funny bits. It’s great how it is different every time. Well done! Loved it, very entertaining.” – Bec Guy, Kangaroo Flat YMCA

“Excellent, very well done and put together. Great, good positive interaction with children. It definitely reflected children’s world today. Transformed our space remarkably. Great actors and set. Kids loved it. Great manipulation of age old story into an excellent modern production. Even senior boys enjoyed it.” – Mornington Peninsula Holiday Program


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