“Unlike other company’s shows that focus on one area of the curriculum, Sleeping Beauty covers a broad range of issues relevant to children and important values that can be reinforced in the integrated curriculum classroom.” – Danny Forrest & Jenny Goldsmith, Donald PS @ local theatre for a ‘Family Evening’ show!

“I loved the songs – including music that the kids know; keeping them involved; and all the great morals. Thank you – you do a great job. The adults love it too! :-)” – Michelle Owens, Clairvaux Catholic School

“It was wonderful, it also contained some great themes and values about bullying etc, the children and teachers got a lot out of this production. The actors engaged the children (and the teachers!) thoroughly. Great use of popular culture and the songs were perfect. Sorry it’s just fabulous, can’t think of any improvements! Andy was awesome (from Tyler age 11), Anne-Marie was cool and a good singer (from Lizzy and Nikita age 11). Boy in tights (Kim, teacher) The witch (Laura) was a good actress (Laura age 11)” – Tara Horkings, Tongala PS

“The children were engaged for the whole 90 minute production, which can be difficult for some children!” – Kylie Coutts, Tongala PS

“Terrific, vibrant, animated. Clear communication. The children were awed. There was a lot of excited discussion in the classrooms about the sets, and how you change them, and the beautiful costumes. Lots of pre-show information for class teachers. Early arrival to setup and test sound/lighting and great communication with the school. Alpha shows are loved by our students who look forward to them all year. The costumes, sound and lighting create a wonderful atmosphere and the students relish the opportunity to respond and be actively involved. We believe we receive exceptional value for the cost of Alpha shows. Thanks Ben for another outstanding performance! Once again our students were enchanted by the singing and the beautiful costumes and terrified by the evil Maleficent! The entire Alpha experience excites our whole school and stimulates oral language development and writing activities from Prep to Year 6. Fairytales are great as they help create a shared heritage for our students” – Jenny Scott, Mossgiel Park PS

“FABULOUS! Top singers, great sets (beautiful painting Phil!) Very funny – just keep ’em rolling! Love it. A professional show. Great reactive parts, topical insertions. Most courteous, friendly, and willing to chat and share”. – Lloyd Poole, Kingsley Park PS

“First class acting with lots of enthusiasm and student involvement. Colourful and very flexible. A most creative design (set). Extremely well adapted to the original story. E-bay and supernanny references were fantastic. A responsible, committed and engaging group (Alpha). A magnificent production that had all the viewers transfixed. Keep presenting at the very high standard. I will be recommending the show to my wife who is the Music Teacher at Tyabb. Everything including vibrant character portrayal.” – Peter Wyatt, Kingsley Park PS

“Great characters, the evil Maleficent was brilliant! All excellent, the costumes are simply brilliant! My class was excited about seeing this performance and we certainly weren’t disappointed. Captivated all children from Prep to Yr 6. Lots of good ‘one-liners’ for the teachers to enjoy as well” – Kananook PS

“Sleeping Beauty is of a very high standard and the children are very lucky to experience it. 10 out of 10! I like the way the modern songs are adapted and appeal to the audience.” – Kananook PS

“Excellent costumes, great for all ages and the teachers!! Outstanding. The children love Alpha’s shows – excellent sets, good song choice.” – Martene Matthews & Sarah Fountain Kananook PS

“Excellent – they really captivated the girls full attention and delight. Sets were just beautiful. Very clever adaptation – loved the inclusion of the Moulin Rouge scene! Outstanding. Really excellent, the girls were thoroughly engaged for the full 90 minute performance – the audience participation was well controlled. Well done! It was all wonderful, and well set-up and organised.” – Meredith Borlin, Presbyterian Ladies College

“Great singing, wonderful jokes and sound effects. You did well as our GP room is very small! Great to have it modernised, the children thoroughly enjoyed it.” – Chris Kilmartin, Lalor West PS

“Fantastic – Hilarious! And the singing was impressive. GREAT ADAPTATION WITH INCLUSION OF CURRENT SONGS. EXCELLENT. This was a brilliant incursion, the kids were captivated!! Best elements – encouraging audience interaction, singing, and a very funny script.” – Lalor West PS

“Great acting/singing. So personable. Fantastic set design – it looked great and worked extremely well. Sound was very appropriate in the space. It was great the way the storyline brough in the children. They were so enthralled and ‘hooked’. Very friendly and professional. No problems in setting up. The songs were very well adapted to the storyline – great job! A thoroughly enjoyable experience – totally professional.” – Warren Tofts, Lalor West PS

“Wonderful. It thoroughly captivated the children. It was loud but we could hear every word! Again, wonderful – loved all the costumes. The children always love references to wee, poo and vomit! While the overall tale remained intact the modern adaptation was perfect for our children. Extremely professional and easy to work with. Fantastic – we all loved it. Children don’t normally sit still for so long! The way it involved the children, fitted in with our theme, very slick, professional performance.” – Lee McDonagh, Malvery Valley PS

“Very professional – very clean diction, great accents, timing and facial expressions. Costumes were GREAT!! Lighting was effective. Friendly and accessible to kids – natural/approachable. FANTASTIC – kids loved it and were fully engaged for entire show. First class as is – a very valuable theatrical experience for young children. Humour, good wins over evil, colour, sets, integration of the musical elements with story line – Congratulations on another successful show and thank you.” – Marg Roberts, Kunyung PS

“Excellent – clear voices, appropriate language for this age group. And lots of movement too! Costumes are gorgeous, sets great! Well done Jodie! Beautiful! Great use of pop-songs, humour, facial expressions, body language for this age group. Very professional and friendly. Excellent – giving children a stretch to “clean the castle” is also a great strategy when they’ve been sitting for a long time. The children (5-12 years of age) were all engrossed in the performance, for all the reasons given above. We had a ball! Congratulations and Many Thanks!” – Pam Munro-Smith, Kunyung PS

“Everyone is so animated and puts so much into their voices. Lights and smoke adds to atmosphere. I love the fact that so many contemporary songs and old classics are used. Very professional, generous with their time especially for children. An excellent production. The best elements would be the adaptation to contemporary life. The quick wit of the cast and the fact that children are so involved.” – Patricia Amerena, Coburg West PS

“They are all professional! Fantastic. Detailed sets etc – I will keep asking you back each year! The kids love the shows. The story – I love the farmer idea rather than a prince, and then the crowning of him as he becomes a prince (and the music) was nice. Organising the show is great, Ben is approachable and easy to get in contact with. All performers are lovely/friendly. Songs are well integrated into the story. The ‘Moulin Rouge’ song was fantastic. Sets, props, audio all superb. Keep offering great shows! You are all doing so well. A great professional team 🙂 What did I like best? Sets/props. Music. Great sound quality. Sleeping Beauty and Jamie first meeting. The humour was great – even for the adults.” – Rosa Licuria, Findon PS

“Couldn’t improve! They like the characteristics of it being a ‘traditional’ pantomime with great one liners thrown in! Props were the best – and you could hear them!” – Jo Blake, Foster PS

“Costumes were fantastic, very professional. Excellent story – kept the older students engaged too. Loved most the student interaction.” – T. Manning, Hamilton and Alexandra College

“Very energetic, excellent performance – kids loved it. Story was very child-based, kids loved the chance to be involved. Good to include new characters that were different from the original. The overall production was fantastic. Loved involving the students and the popular songs that the students knew the words to.” – Emma Burnham, Hamilton and Alexandra College

“Excellent, engaged the audience. Terrific. Relevant entertainment suitable for Primary children. Thoroughly worthwhile experience for the whole school. Keep doing what you’re doing! I loved it all but the involvement of the children in the show was super!” – Rob Emsley, George St PS

“Excellent. Involved the children through participation in songs etc. Motivating for children. The adaptation of an old story to modern themes/music was inspiring. Alpha – very professional and easy to deal with. Show – entertaining and will provide motivation for follow up activities.” – Marg Parry, Heathcote PS

“Excellent! Loved the comedy and cultural references! Fabulous. Very high standard. Tremendous! Great reference points for kids. Very professional. Yet again we are blown away by such a high standard of performance at our school.” – Philip McGuffie, Heathcote PS

“Very professional. Costumes and sets were terrific. Story adaptation was very accurate. Wonderful, very co-operative. A fabulous performance that has the children’s attention for the full 1 and a half hours. No mean feat! Rapport between actors and audience was what I liked best.” – Mick Mattox, Avoca PS

“Another excellent production. Engagement with children, age appropriate, mix with the story/modern. Gives country students fantastic intro to pantomimes (live) production. Same again please! You have done a fantastic job on all 3 performances I’ve seen from Alpha.” – Maria I’ansow, Elmhurst PS

“Very professional. Great for a portable set. Cleverly related to current events. Most enjoyable – very entertaining. Current music, great singing, costumes, special effects, humour – one liners, audience involvement.” – Heidi Morgan, Westgrove PS

“Actors showed great enthusiasm and engaged the students very quickly. Very professional and organised. Excellent production – that’s why we rebook! The older students really liked the sarcasm and humour. I loved the audience engagement, participation, actors enthusiasm and energy, good lead in and follow up with support materials. Up to date with songs from ‘Shrek2’ that the kids knew.” – Shane West, Westgrove PS

“Very professional, very funny! Pleasant, easy to deal with. Thoroughly enjoyable, teachers loved the bits that went over the heads of children. I liked best the audience involvement, singing and dancing, fast moving, grabs all children even the ‘cool’ sixes, didn’t need to keep the children quiet. Real theatre at children’s level.” – Letitia Weber

“Fantastic! Well done! The whole performance was great, the children were totally engaged. I liked best the way the cast engaged the children. Costumes, lighting, the set, it was great to see the children so involved and having a ball. Thankyou.” – Carmel Corrigan, St Patricks Wangaratta

“A fantastic show – thank you so much for coming. I liked best: appropriate to the age group of the audience (Primary students); Audience participation was encouraged; great storyline for students to follow; great variety of actors of varying personalities.” – Greg White, St Raphael’s Preston

“Keep up the great work. Totally engaging, music appropriate. Our students love what you do, fairytales are good as the students know the story.” – Concord Special School

“Great presentation & audience participation. The professionalism of your show was terrific. To engage children for 90 min is fantastic. Costumes, sets, sound, everything was at a top level. Students loved the show and they are your toughest audience. You kept it contemporary (phone/ebay/farts/etc) – Great!” – Maria Buttifant, St Bernadette’s Ivanhoe West

“Terrific, catered for all age levels. Generally it is very hard to do a fairytale, as all children know them very well. You have managed to capture their enthusiasm and involve them extremely well. Excellent inclusion of current themes/topics. A fantastic performance.” – Vivienne Armarego, St Bernadette’s Ivanhoe West

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