Here are the fem parts we cast for at Alpha Shows.

Note that many of our characters originated from ideas as a collaboration between Alpha’s writer/producer and the actors that first played the part. Their heritage might have resulted in a character being created that isn’t appropriate for you to play. We honor this by allowing follow up characterizations to embrace your heritage or to be adaptable to the types of roles appropriate for you to play, given your cultural and ethnic background. We would never ask someone to perform something that results in any type of cultural appropriation – however, there is a line where this becomes untenable or non-sensical. All acting is ‘appropriation’, as you are always playing a role that is not yourself. We cannot always cast completely in alignment with all cultural and ethnic backgrounds of our characters and balance these sensitivities by also incorporating the general principle of ‘merit based casting’, and cast appropriately within those constraints. Accents or ideas for characters are suggestions only, usually based on an appropriate performance from the past. Every production we produce (and re-produce) is done with great care to responsibly represent the diversity of Australian culture.

Fem Roles

Elsa: Firstborn of Gerda & Kai. Inherited the powers of the Snow Queen because she cursed her parent’s first born. She doesn’t understand her powers and is controlled by fear, until she learns how to express her emotions. She wields a powerful samurai sword of ice & snow. Requires very strong vocal ability with ability to belt (she sings Alive by Sia). Strong mover is preferred. Neutral accent.

Anna: Youngest daughter to Kai & Gerda. Wants to live with passion and freedom. Sad that her sister always hides away and won’t spend time with her, but she is full of hope and helps her sister see her true potential and the power of true love. Requires very strong vocal ability preferably with ability to belt. Strong mover is preferred. Neutral accent.

Clever Princess / Festy: From a long line of Clever Princesses who have looked over the kingdom, caring for it with compassion and love, as well as strength and cunning. Searching for the ‘One True Queen’. No typical princess. Powerful, female figure. Has a complex sword stage combat sequence.

Festy: A snowman, friend to Elsa & Anna. Festy is the typical Alpha Shows comedy suit character. He is funny and loveable, and very cheeky. Big movements and gestures and vocalisations. A lot of fun!

Strong vocal ability and strong mover.

Snow Queen & Gerda: Gerda is a simple elderly peasant, mother to Elsa & Anna, saved Kai from the Snow Queen years ago. A tough old nut – little wise, but a little zany still.

Snow Queen is the main villain of the story. She wants to make the world ‘rational’ and cold of heart, free of passion and emotion. She wants control over everyone and everything. Not necessarily a ‘villain’ in the traditional sense. The Antagonist, nonetheless. Carries a black sword & a magic mirror. She uses these to control people’s perceptions.

Strong mover.


Belle: Principal girl, neutral accent.
Must sing, move and act well. She is intelligent, witty, strong willed and caring.

Mrs Potts / Scooter / Enchantress: Comedy role.

Mrs Potts is an over the top character role in full pot costume. Very funny. Must be an excellent singer.

Scooter is Belle’s dog, full suit character, face visible.

Enchantress is the mysterious witch who introduces and closes the story.
Must move well, be full of energy and fun, as well as great comedic timing.

Esmerelda: Principal girl, neutral accent.
She is strong willed and independent, but with a very caring nature.
Must sing, move and act well.

Mamma Frollo / Djali: Character/comedy role – Mamma is the dynamic & expressive mother to Frollo & Quasi; a powerful & influential public figure. May be done with an accent.

Djali is Esmerelda’s excitable and rambunctious goat friend. He has an Egyptian accent typically, or whatever you are comfortable with, or something along the lines of Adam Sandler’s goat character which the character was written from as a reference. This is a male goat.

Rose (Aurora)/Queen Principal role, neutral accent.

Must sing, move and act well. Rose is not your average Princess. Strong and fiercely independent. She is curious about the world as she’s been hidden away her whole life. She is tough and does the final sword fight with Maleficent. The Queen is the mother of Rose and is very eccentric and loud, good comic timing required. Accent preferred to contrast Rose.

Fairy Floss/Mite Character/comedy role. Fairy is very over the top, often done with a British accent. Good comedic timing required.
Mite is a contrasting troll character, sister to “Veg” and over the top ridiculous, funny and just as bafoonish as her twin brother. Silly over the top comedy voice. Suit character. Strong singer and mover required.

Maleficent The Villain. The evil queen. Powerful and commanding unless you push her buttons. Strong singer and mover preferred.

Cinderella Principal girl, neutral accent.
Must sing, move and act well. Minimises her bad situation, has a deep down sense of worthlessness, doesn’t want to face the pain/sadness.

Fairy Godmother / Khloe Character/comedy role. Fairy is a high energy, comedic role with strong vocal ability and strong movement ability required. Often done with a bit of a British accent or neutral accent. Khloe is one of the “Step-sisters”. Any assumed ugliness is depicted through her behaviour, not appearance. Strong Australian accent required and great comedic ability.

Evil Stepmother Villain. Thinks she’s the most intelligent and beautiful mother, with the best daughters. Selfish and driven by her own desires, and gets progressively meaner throughout the show. Character vocalist required and strong mover.

Kourtney (Stepsister 2) Character/Comedy role. Strong Australian accent. Has lots of interaction with the audience and requires good comedic timing. Strong vocals not required. Character singing.

Megara / Fates / Hera Principal, neutral accent.
Must sing, move and act well. Cynical, whatever/sarcastic attitude to everything. Been hurt a lot. Learns to forgive.
Also plays Hera, the eccentric Goddess who is mother to Hercules, and the Fates, the mysterious 3 headed and 3 voiced woman (past, present and future).

Pegasus / Muse Character/comedy role & Narrator Role. Strong singer and mover. Pegasus is a hilarious suit character, who speaks and acts like a tough guy, feel free to find an accent that works for you based on guys you remember who think they’re tough (when they’re not necessarily) and like to put on a braggadocios attitude, although it’s fairly flexible to find what works for you and is appropriate. Muse is very contrasting. She is an elegant goddess who has amazing rapport with the audience and tells the story through song, dance and fun narration.


Jasmine / Carpet Principal, neutral accent.
Must sing, move and act well. Jasmine is strong willed and intelligent, desires to be the leader/Sultan. She also feels trapped by her circumstance like Aladdin and wishes to be seen and heard by the men that aim to control her. Also plays non-speaking Carpet character, in full carpet with face hidden so strong physical acting required. POC required.

Abu Sidekick/comedy role. Abu is a cheeky young kid essentially, so there’s lots of chances for fun and comedy in this role. Face showing with costume/ears. Must be cute but also wicked as well. Flexible mover is preferred for cartwheels, high kicks etc. Character vocalist.


Guinevere Principal, neutral accent.
Must sing, move and act well. She is strong and feminine, a leader. Has some stage combat.

Katoka / Banshee Sidekick/comedy roles. Banshee is the sidekick to the villain, Morgana. She is like a full on personal instructor type energy. Irish or similar accent, or something akin to a drill sergeant or fitness instructor (comedic). Katoka is the guard at Camelot and helps out Merlin, a Dragon – suit character. Has had a Northern English accent, Central American accent, or whatever you feel comfortable doing for comedy – bit of freedom to play. Strong mover required, character singer.


Morgana / Lady of the Lake Character/Comedy/Villain Role. Morgana is the villain, but being part of the Council of Camelot, tries to ‘get ahead’ by being ‘charming’ and nice but eventually gets sick of this and turns Lancelot to the dark side. Eventually quite evil, but must show contrast and appear pleasant to begin with. Also plays the mysterious and beautiful Lady of the Lake so must contrast and be a strong singer. Lady of the Lake does part of the emotional process with Arthur.


Ariel Principal, neutral accent.
Must sing, move and act well. Ariel is a very strong mover, with pointe training preferable, but not essential.

Sterky Sidekick/comedy roles. Sterky is Ariel’s friend, a Seahorse, tough street style, accent something appropriate. Also delivers some of the wisdom of the show based on either real world tribal wisdom or the wisdom of the sea etc.


Natalia the Sea Witch / Nanny Neptune Villain / Character. Natalia has a Russian accent, although can be flexible based on what you’re comfortable doing. Incredibly angry with men and wants to get back at them all, especially King Neptune. Nanny Neptune is King Neptune’s mother, and is that English Panto Dame kind of character. Silly, fun, but also does the emotional processing with Ariel. Must be a strong singer and move well.



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