Here are the masc roles we cast for in Alpha Shows.

Note that many of our characters originated from ideas as a collaboration between Alpha’s writer/producer and the actors that first played the part. Their heritage might have resulted in a character being created that isn’t appropriate for you to play. We honor this by allowing follow up characterizations to embrace your heritage or to be adaptable to the types of roles appropriate for you to play, given your cultural and ethnic background. We would never ask someone to perform something that results in any type of cultural appropriation – however, there is a line where this becomes untenable or non-sensical. All acting is ‘appropriation’, as you are always playing a role that is not yourself. We cannot always cast completely in alignment with all cultural and ethnic backgrounds of our characters and balance these sensitivities by also incorporating the general principle of ‘merit based casting’, and cast appropriately within those constraints. Accents or ideas for characters are suggestions only, usually based on an appropriate performance from the past. Every production we produce (and re-produce) is done with great care to responsibly represent the diversity of Australian culture.

Masc Roles

Hans / Bac: Principal / Character. Can be adjusted for any vocal ability in singing.
Hans – Prince of the Kingdom, works for the Snow Queen to suppress the powers of the One True Queen, but ultimately sees the light. Sword fight with Elsa and Snow Queen.
Bac – A reindeer, friend to Christian. Suit character. Comedy sidekick to Christian.


Kai / Duke / Christian: Principal/Character/Comedy roles. Character singing voice required.
Kai – A simple elderly peasant, father to Elsa & Anna, fought the Snow Queen years ago. Bit of an emasculated man, sweet nonetheless.
Duke – Energetic, silly and full of life, gender fluid. Works for Hans & Snow Queen.
Christian – Big loveable oaf. Not looking for love and does not end up with a girl at the end.


Beast: Principal role
Must sing, move and act well. Strong vocal technique required. Lots of growling. Wears a beautiful mask that still shows the actors mouth and eyes, to see the emotion of the character. Awesome acting role.


Timeson / Papa Billy: Character/comedy role. Singing level: Character voice.
Timeson is the pedantic, rushing clock character.
Papa Billy is Belle’s bumbling father – must have contrasting accent and physicality.

Luminaire / Jiggins: Character/comedy role. Must move and sing well.
Luminaire is the French servant who was turned to a candle. A candle on each hand and on head. Extremely physical role. Luminaire delivers the Emotional Process to Beast and has some lengthy dialogue. It also a highly comedic role and requires good comedic timing.
Jiggins is Gaston’s cool sidekick, very cheeky and hilarious, and quite slapstick.

Gaston: Character role. Villain.
Evil without being too scary – very arrogant, big and over the top. Good mover and moderate vocal ability required.

Quasimodo: Principal role
The Hunchback; a kind heart that betrays a lack of self worth – projected on him, by Frollo. Must sing, move and act well. Physicality important.

Phoebus / Father Tourangeau: Character / comedy role. Improvisation skills and good comedic timing required. Must move and act well. Character singing vocals. Phoebus is a full suit crocodile costume, including head. Phoebus has a nasal Australian accent, and Father typically has an Irish accent.

Hugo / Jiacomo: Character role. Jiacomo is the narrator of the story. Narration required in French accent.
Must act and move well. Some singing required. Chance for quite a bit of comedy. Hugo is a ghost with a British accent. Hugo does the Emotional Process part of the show, but also a comedic role.

Archdeacon Frollo: Character role. Villain. Petty & cruel Archdeacon of Notre Dame; seeking immortality. Sings his own song, but mainly speak singing / rapping.

King Bob/Veg Character/Comedy Role. The King, Rose’s father is full of random ideas and information…however, has a wisdom underneath that is due to an understanding of the importance of letting go of fear and making loving choices. Performs Emotional Processing portion of show. Veg is a troll – suit character. Has a lot of comedy with Maleficent. Big physicality and fun and good comic timing. Character singing required.


Andy/Dawid Character/comedy role. Andy is the court jester and has quite a lot of dry witty lines. Chance for comedy and improv. Is the Woodley to the King’s Lano. Character vocalist.
Dawid is Jon’s father who treats him with disdain and violence, prompting Jon’s journey to be tempted by Maleficent to trick Aurora. Sword Fight.


Jon Principal. Strong singer, mover and actor. Has been sent on a mission by the villain to find the Princess, so deals with a lot of inner turmoil – great story arc. Struggles with father issues due to his father’s mistreatment of him. Throughout the course of the story has to make tough choices and is the example of the types of choices we all have available to us (fear or love). Sword Fight.


Prince Charming Principal, good singer and mover required. He is a romantic, burdened by his duties. A little bashful and very dashing.

Baldrick / Beady Character/comedy role. Baldrick is hilarious and over the top, very loveable and might possibly be in love with the Prince. Beady is a semi-suit character, a mouse, with a (typically) cockney accent. He’s very witty and bratty, and will be a favourite with the children/audience. Character singing required and strong moving ability. HIGH ENERGY role, constantly on stage.

Hercules / Hermes Principal, neutral accent.
A challenging role, some serious acting with Hercules, a lot of fun too, as he grows into the hero. Hermes is a great chance to have some comedic moments at the beginning of the show. Strong singer and mover required.

Amphitryon / Zeus / Achelous Character/comedy roles. Zeus has a lot of the philosophical and spiritual content to deliver, as well as the necessary plot requirements. He also has a large sword fight with Hades at the end. Amphitryon is Hercules’ earthly father, can be quite silly and bumbling, must contrast. Achelous is a bull-like suit character that comes on to fight Hercules, so has a long hand-to-hand stage combat sequence. Character vocalist required that can move well.


Weasel & Philoctetes Comedy/Sidekick roles. Phil is the comedy role that also delivers the emotional processing speech about being a true hero. He dances and sings a lot and must have great timing and energy. Weasel is the cheeky, sneaky servant of Hades, bit of an idiot. Mask character with mouth showing. Does a bit of rapping too. A lot of fun.


Hades Villain. All about the deals! Hades plots and plans and is quite taken with himself, but really just wants to upgrade his place to Olympus. Strong mover. Only song is a rap, so character vocals required.


Aladdin Principal, neutral accent.
Incredibly energetic, fun and a bit mischievous. Pretends to be sure of himself until he gets to Palace where his true fears start to show. Finally understands the power of wishing. Really strong singer and mover required. POC required. Sword Fight.

Ashkar / Sultan Vinegar Sidekick/comedy role. Ashkar, is an American surfy dude – awesome fun and comedy, is Jafar’s assistant but likes to tease him. Sultan is eccentric and loud and funny. Sings a few songs. Also does voiceover for Cave. Need great comic timing. Character singing. POC required for Sultan.

Genie  Comedy role. Genie is the fast talking, hilarious eccentric Genie, also performs the emotional process to teach how to ‘wish’ for things. Very strong singer and mover required.


Jafar Villain. Real name is ‘Jeff’ he has come to the town to try to take it over. Doesn’t take nearly as much delight from the audience as other villains. Very evil but also has to ‘suck up’ at times to the Sultan, so there’s a lot of repressed emotion there. Character singing/rapping only.


Arthur Principal, neutral accent.
Must sing, move and act well. Struggles to find his place and eventually finds the equality within and how to create that in the kingdom to become the King he was destined to be.

Merlin / Murky / Terry the Fish Character/Comedy role. Merlin is the narrator at parts but also the guide to Arthur, performing some stage combat (staff fight) and allowing himself to die to prove immortality exists. Also does the emotional processing part of the show. Murky is a hilarious goblin, lots of improv and silliness, similar to Veg in Sleeping Beauty. Terry the Fish is a puppet in one scene, with a similar vocal style to Randy the puppet, but a bit higher and more exaggerated. Character singer.


Lancelot / Mordred Principal/Character/Villain role. Actually just the one character, but we have Lancelot turn into Mordred through Morgana’s bewitching and lures. Very very complicated and tough role acting-wise, to win an audience over then turn evil and then have to come back from the ‘dark side’ at the end. Not required to be a strong singer.


Prince Jack Principal, neutral accent.
Must sing, move and act well. He is a romantic and an adventurer. Heroic. Fun and cheeky too. He is quite privileged and Ariel helps challenge his ideals and duties.

Geeves / Yabbi Comedy role. Geeves is the Prince’s aide, over the top, possibly in love with the Prince. Lots of comedy and fun, but also helps the Prince with his issues. Yabbi is like Steve Irwin, King Neptune’s sidekick, pretty funny, and doesn’t mind giving the King a bit of lip. Yabbi is a suit character. Character singer.


King Neptune / Ezekiel Character/comedy role. King Neptune should be a BIG character! His presence must be felt. He is ANGRY! Must be able to portray real anger, not demonstrative. Larger actor preferred to pull this off. Ezekiel is Natalia’s slimy eel servant, talks with a slimy accent, maybe European, maybe a lisp, could even be like Stewie from Family Guy, but do whatever you feel is appropriate. Very funny and witty and over the top. Character singer and good mover.


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