The Quiet Achiever

James might a bit of an introvert, not that you’d know when he gets on
stage! He explodes with energy and loves to make people laugh,
bringing all his quirky silliness to the characters he plays. He can
also play the more serious roles, but always with a healthy dose of


  • The Alpha Show of Beauty and the Beast- Timeson / Papa Billy / Bookstore Owner
  • The Alpha Show of Little Mermaid- King Neptune / Ezekiel
  • The Alpha Show of Hercules- Zeus / Amphitryon
  • The Alpha Show of Aladdin- Aladdin
  • The Alpha Show of Sleeping Beauty- Andy / Professor Bumblebore
  • The Alpha Show of Cinderella- Beady / Baldrick
  • The Alpha Show of The Hunchback of Notre Dame- Jiacomo / Hugo


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It’s Alive! Video

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  1. couldn’t get this to not say ‘copy lachlan’ even tho i tried 4 times. sorry about that James! It’s cos I originally saved it with that title and then changed it later, but it still wouldn’t post on facebook properly even after i changed it.

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