The Eccentric Comic

Lachlan is Alpha’s goto guy for comedy. He loves to be ridiculous and hilarious on stage, but the show doesn’t end there. He pretty much lives in his own world of comedy and movies and music, and is always performing – which is why we love him so much! But he does do some serious work, being the guy that makes the tours possible by driving the giant truck (he’s the only one with the license!) and setting up our extensive lighting for every venue – a very hard job.


  • The Alpha Show of Beauty and the Beast- Luminaire/ Jiggins
  • The Alpha Show of Little Mermaid- King Neptune (2011) / Ezekiel & Geeves / Yabbi (2012)
  • The Alpha Show of Hercules- Zeus / Amphitryon
  • The Alpha Show of Aladdin- Genie/Merchant
  • The Alpha Show of Sleeping Beauty- Veg / King
  • The Alpha Show of King Arthur- Merlin
  • The Alpha Show of Hunchback of Notre Dame- Frollo
  • The Alpha Show of Cinderella- Evil Stepmother


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