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  1. benjackson 2 years ago

    Yes! Many of our casts have gone to to university to study acting or musical theatre. After doing it in high school, they then apply and audition for various courses. The main one that this cast all went to is called Federation University, previously called BAPA and it’s in Ballarat. It’s a Arts Degree and they study all about theatre and performance and hone their skills in acting, singing and dancing. There’s also NIDA in Sydney and WAAPA in WA that’s very highly regarded. There’s lots of options for training but we definitely look for casts that have studied and practiced lots as it means they have the skills and resilience to do our shows every day. Someone who hasn’t practiced might not be able to adapt to our different audiences every day, or they might lose their voice from all the loud singing and speaking on stage. You don’t HAVE to go to university either, we have had people audition for us who have just worked on themselves using the methods we teach in our shows to make choices that are in alignment with what they want to do. So they come and audition and impress us with their fun energy and enthusiasm, perhaps they’ve more worked on doing comedy which is not as much something you go to university for – perhaps that’s something like making funny videos on TikTok or YouTube and practicing there, or it might be doing performances to groups of people to practice being funny (eg. stand up comedy).

    So there’s lots of paths to joining Alpha Shows, the most common however is from people who have chosen it as a career and studied it at university.

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