To the cast,
We cancelled our afternoon activities to we could write to you. We loved your show so much and have so questions for you all.

I really liked the sword fights, it was so intense. I didn’t like the kissing, it was too romantic. How do you guys choose the music and learn your dances?
From Lockie.

I loved everything, the only thing I didn’t like was having to leave. I was just wondering, are Aurora and John married in real life. Because I think they’re boyfriend and girlfriend.
From Peyton.

I liked when you guys did the butt shake dance and I loved you costumes so much.
From Talia.

I think it was nice when you kissed. What are your real names? Did you guys have to go to acting school?
From Amelia.

I really liked Maleficent the best, she was my favorite. The kissing was yucky.
From Leah.

How are you? I am good.
I really liked how you did your make up. How long does it take you guys to rehearse a show and do your makeup? How long have you been doing this for?

I liked the kissing part. I loved John. He was cool. What is your last names? Who makes or buys your props?

I really liked the sword fight and I liked how you guys asked us questions. *clap, clap, you rock* Were your swords real? How did you learn to sword fight?

I’m Patrick. Did you really kiss or pretend? I loved your dance moves. How did you learn to dance? How did you paint all the sets?
-From Patrick.

I liked when john kissed Aurora. Aurora was my favorite she was so beautiful. I didn’t like when john and his father were in jail it was too sad.
From Kobe.

I liked the music and the dancing. I didn’t like the kissing, because I don’t like kissing.

I like Veg and mite. I like the sword fights.
-From Kane.

I like your lights, the kiss and music. But I didn’t like the sword fight, it was scary. I loved the dance actions. Where are you from?
From Nykitta.

I liked the sword fight. I like Maleficent. She had the best costume and a funny laugh.


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