Hello Alpha shows! I loved ‘the hunchback’ that you performed in 2013! I just wanted to ask you, which one of you acted out ‘the little mermaid’ in that play, in 2012?
All the best, from Lottie. xoxo <3

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  1. Jacqui Martin 11 years ago

    Hi Lottie!
    Thanks for your lovely comment! Glad you enjoyed the show this year!
    There were a few of us from Hunchback who were in Little Mermaid last year.
    Lachie, who was Frollo in Hunchback played Yabbi and Geeves (the Prince’s helper)
    James, who played Hugo and Jiacomo in Hunchback, played King Neptune and Ezekiel the eel in Little Mermaid.
    I played Esmerelda in Hunchback, and played Natalia the Sea Witch and Nanny Neptune in Little Mermaid!

    The girl who played Ariel in the Little Mermaid last year wasn’t in the Hunchback show this year. But her name is Melissa!

    Thanks for contacting us. Hope to hear from you again soon 😀

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