Hi Alpha Show Team I Am Writing to you because I Have Some Questions for you
the first one is How do you get changed very quick from one costume into the next within a short period of time?
The Second One is How Long have you been Performing Shows for? and last but not least the third question is
How Do you Keep your Voices inn Good Condition?.

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  1. Jacqui Martin 9 years ago

    We can change quickly because of how our costumes are designed. We have pop studs and zips that make the costume very easy to get on and off, and then we practise our costume changes a lot, so that we get super quick at it.
    Alpha Shows has been running since 2003, so we’ve been performing shows for a long time now, but all of the cast have been Alpha Shows for different amounts of time. I have been performing with Alpha since 2011 though 🙂
    And we keep our voices in good shape by “warming up” our voices, which some people do through talking or humming, or doing some singing exercises. We all warm up our voices a bit differently, we also drink heaps of water, eat well and rest our voices and our bodies when we can 🙂
    Hope that answered all of your questions!

    1,2,3, YOU ROCK!

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