Hey Guys! Just thought Id update everyone on the tour and put up some pics!
We’ve had a great run so far, right now I’m in the van and were on the way to Yarawonga. Know where that is? neither do I!
Thats the fun part about Alpha, you go to A LOT of places you’d never usually visit. Ever!
The schools have been wonderful and the kids are having a ball, today we were at White Hills Primary, after a big 4 hour drive from Casterton yesterday, which was 5 hours from Alpha Hq! ( We love Lachy  our van driver very much =) )

Heres some photos of some of the backstage fun!
Until next time =)
Dave xx

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  1. Thanks for the update Dave Lang! Great to see some pics etc and to know it’s all going well and the audiences are loving it.

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