Hey Guys!

Heres an email that Jacqui, One of our awesome Cast Members (she plays both the roles of Nanny Neptune AND Natalia ) wrote to Ben our Managing Director about some of the wonderful, totally honest responses we get from the kids during the show. Its awesome to see that the message of Being Truthful is having, not only on the audience who watch the show, but also with the actors who perform it!!

“Don’t know if Dave told you in the PSR but I wanted to tell you about our truths that we got today! One girl said that she lied when everyone was mean to her and she said she was ok, but that she was really sad. It was so beautiful. I was personally very touched by this one because I used to do that ALL the time till long into high school.

The other truth was that someone admitted to cheating on a test. It was amazing. Everyone in the audience reacted! I think she was a bit nervous afterwards. But I reminded them that sometimes it takes a little while but things definitely get better after telling the truth.

Also, did you hear about the girl the other day that said to me, “well actually I never lie”

I told her that was fantastic!


Nice Job Jacqi! Also, huge Thank You to all the kids who have had the courage to put up there hand during the show and be Truthful!
You Guys ROCK! =D
Until next time!
  1. Julie Jackson via Facebook 12 years ago

    That’s beautiful!

  2. And Jacqui is now one of our amazing Tour Manager’s and Resident Directors!!!

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