Hey Guys! Dave here from our apartment in Brisbane! Yes, we made the epic trip up from Melbourne a week ago and its been great. The weather has been awesome and the shows have been even better =)
We also held auditions for next year, so a big thanks to everyone who came, you all did an amazing job =)
Weve only got 7 shows left! Its been a great ride so far, cant wait to have a blast leading into the last week of the tour.
A BIG thanks to Lachy for driving us here there and everywhere over the last month of the tour, we would be lost without you! ( well, ok, you and the GPS….)
Here’s a bunch of shots ¬†from our travels and some of the amazing halls and schools we’ve been through, with some added truck stop goodness, ofcourse =)
Until next time,
Dave xx =)


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