Hi Jaqui and Team I am writing to you because I had enjoyed seeing your shows during my time at Concord my favourite show is Beauty and the Beast because i really like the bit when the Beast Transforms into his Human Form and I have got Questions 1.What songs do you sing in Beauty and the Beast? And 2.how old are you?
P.S if you are coming back to Concord to perform what show are you going to be performing this time.

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  1. Jacqui Martin 9 years ago

    Hi Ethan!
    Thanks for getting in touch with us
    I’m so glad you enjoyed Beauty and the Beast. I love when he transforms too.
    The songs will have changed quite a bit since you would have seen it at Concord, but some of the songs we sing are Pretty Woman, Love Story and Gaston sings Nu Flow.
    Most of the actors are in their 20s. I am 27
    At this stage we are not booked in to come back to Concord! Hopefully we’ll be able to come see you guys again soon!

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