Hi Jacqui and The Team I am so excited that you are coming to Concord School Next Week to Perform Beauty and the Beast this is going to be my second time seeing this Show as I had Seen it in 2007 just a question who is Playing what characters in Beauty and the Beast this year.

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  1. Jacqui Martin 9 years ago

    Hi Ethan!
    We are so excited to be coming back to Concord too!
    Here is the cast for the Beauty and the Beast show:
    Beast: Leigh
    Belle: Kara
    Luminaire & Jiggins: Lachie
    Mrs Potts, Enchantress & Scooter: Jacqui (me)
    Timeson & Papa Billy: Jeremy
    Gaston: Adam

    You would have seen Lachie and myself the last couple of years, but everyone else will be new to you 🙂

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