Here are the sides for female parts in Alpha Shows.

Female Roles

Elsa: Firstborn of Gerda & Kai. Inherited the powers of the Snow Queen because her parents battled the Snow Queen and she cursed them, however, does not realise that it’s actually a gift, and as a result, her destiny to become the One True Queen. Constantly living in fear, our Elsa eventually becomes who she truly is, and is then reminiscent of “Beatrix Kiddo” from Kill Bill. She wields a powerful samurai sword of ice & snow. Blonde (or blonde wig) and otherwise similar to what one would expect.
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Anna: Youngest daughter to Kai & Gerda. Wants to live with passion and freedom. Sad that her sister always hides away and won’t spend time with her. Red head or brunette (or wig) in a braid. Strong, similar to the main girl in Hunger Games or Susan in Narnia.
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Clever Princess / Olaf: The Clever Princess is both the Narrator – very similar to a “Galadriel” from LOTR. Powerful, female figured. Has a complex samurai sword stage combat sequence. Also delivers the ‘closed eye’ speech which portrays the main message of the story and changes the course of history for the main characters. From a long line of Clever Princesses who have ruled over the kingdom, caring for it with compassion and love, as well as strength and cunning. Searching for the ‘One True Queen’. No typical princess. Beautiful but devastating.

Olaf: A snowman, friend to Elsa & Anna. Olaf is the typical Alpha Shows comedy suit character. He is funny and lovable, and quite a bit cheeky. Big movements and gestures and vocalisations. A lot of fun!
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Snow Queen & Gerda: Gerda is Anna and Elsa’s mother. She is a simple peasant. She once faced the Snow Queen when she was a little girl, so has a lot of hope that she can be defeated again. Gerda is a hero, saving her friend (and now husband) Kai from the Snow Queen by going on a hard journey. A simple elderly peasant, a tough old nut.

Snow Queen is the main villain of the story. She manipulates everything and everyone in order to control the outcome. Wants to make the world ‘rational’ and cold of heart, free of passion and emotion. She is the elite element. Similar in vibe to O-REN ISHII from “KILL BILL”. Not necessarily a ‘villain’ in the traditional sense. The Antagonist, nonetheless. Carries a black samurai sword & a black magic mirror. She uses these to control people’s perceptions.

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Belle: Principal girl, neutral accent.
Must sing, move and act well. Brunette. Beautiful. You must be a wonderful singer and have the stage presence to accomplish the perfection, intelligence and charisma that this character requires.
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Mrs Potts / Scooter / Enchantress: Mrs Potts, over the top character role in full pot costume. Very funny. Sings “Popular” from Wicked so must be an excellent singer. Scooter is Belle’s little dog, full suit character, face visible. Enchantress is the mysterious witch who introduces the story.
Must move well, be full of energy and fun, as well as great comic timing.
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Esmerelda: Principal girl, neutral accent.
A bit feistier that your average fairy tale princess, but with a very caring nature. Wild, a gypsy. Brunette.
Must sing, move and act well
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Mamma Frollo / Djali: Character/comedy role – very over the top, bossy but lovable. The only person who can keep the ‘bad guy’ under control, because she is his mother. May be done with an accent, cockney, irish etc. Quasimodo’s mother – must move and act well – some singing required. Djali is Esmerelda’s goat friend, with an Egyptian accent, or something along the lines of Adam Sandler’s goat character. This is a male goat.
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Aurora/Queen Principal girl, neutral accent.

Must sing, move and act well. A little girl’s dream of a princess! Blonde. The Queen is the mother of Rose and is very eccentric and fun, good comic timing required.
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Fairy Floss/Mite Character/comedy role. A slightly off the wall fairy, but with it all the way. Chance for comedy and improv and some singing. Comedic fairy.
Mite is a contrasting troll character, sister to “Veg” and over the top ridiculous, funny and just as bafoonish as her twin brother. Silly over the top comedy voice.
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Maleficent The Villain. The evil queen. Nasty and bossy, not a very feminine woman. Powerful and commanding she oozes meanness. Sings her own song.
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Cinderella Principal girl, neutral accent.
Must sing, move and act well. A little girl’s dream of a princess! Minimises her bad situation, has a deep down sense of worthlessness, doesn’t want to face the pain/sadness. Blonde / fair.
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Fairy Godmother / Khloe Character/comedy role. A beautiful fairy (not old), sings beautifully and is kind and funny as well. Khloe, the ugly step sister is horrible and disgusting, over the top. Kinda valley girl, Mean Girls type character, or open to your own interpretation of an anti-role model, as the name of the character implies.

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Kourtney (Ugly Stepsister 2) Another horrible ugly step sister! Character/Comedy role. Kinda valley girl, Mean Girls type character, or open to your own interpretation of an anti-role model, as the name of the character implies. Has lots of interaction with the audience and competes with her sister for who is the ‘hottest’.
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Evil Stepmother Villain. Thinks she’s the most intelligent and beautiful mother, with the best daughters. Quite crazy. Sword fighting skills needed. Wants only money. Quite horrible and nasty, turns very evil in the end.
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Megara / Fates / Hera Principal girl, neutral accent.
Must sing, move and act well. Red hair/brunette. Cynical, whatever attitude to everything. Been hurt a lot. Not a typical Alpha princess character. Learns to forgive.
Also plays Hera, the crazy eccentric Goddess, and the Fates, the mysterious 3 headed and 3 voiced woman.

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Pegasus / Muse Character/comedy role & Narrator Role. One of the best parts in all of Alpha’s shows, Pegasus is a hilarious suit horse character, with wings, who speaks and acts like a little greek tough man. Fully sick! Muse, very contrasting, is an elegant goddess who has amazing rapport with the audience and tells the story through song, dance and fun narration.

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Jasmine / Carpet Principal girl, neutral accent.
Must sing, move and act well. A little girl’s dream of a princess! Must be slim enough to pull off showing stomach, and look ‘right’ for Jasmine. Dark hair. Also plays non-speaking Carpet character, in full carpet with face hidden.
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Abu Sidekick/comedy role. Abu is a bratty 10 year old kid essentially, so there’s lots of chances for fun and comedy in this role. Face showing with makeup, similar to Scooter. Must be cute but also wicked as well.

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Guinevere Principal girl, neutral accent.
Must sing, move and act well. Guinevere is blonde. She is strong and feminine, a leader.
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Katoka / Banshee Sidekick/comedy roles. Banshee is the sidekick to the villain, Morgana, quite naughty and evil but still loves giving Morgana a hard time. Katoka is the guard at Camelot and helps out Merlin, a Dragon.

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Morgana / Lady of the Lake Villain. Part of the Council of Camelot, tries to ‘get ahead’ by being ‘charming’ and nice but eventually gets sick of this and turns Lancelot to the dark side. Eventually quite evil, but must show contrast and appear pleasant to begin with. Also plays the mysterious and beautiful Lady of the Lake so must contrast and have good singing skills.

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Ariel Principal girl, neutral accent.
Must sing, move and act well. Ariel must be slim, have a beautiful voice, and move like a ballerina (preferably with training).
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Sterky / Frauline Heidi Sidekick/comedy roles. Sterky is Ariel’s friend, a Maori Seahorse, so you must be able to do the New Zealand accent. MALE seahorse, so must be able to pull off a male sounding voice in a suit character. Also delivers some of the wisdom of the show, as Sterky comes from an ancient Maori tribe. Frauline Heidi is an eccentric german maid, crazy, obsessed with control and tidiness. Happy to cook up children to eat, that kind of thing.

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Natalia the Sea Witch / Nanny Neptune Villain / Character. Natalia has a russian accent. Incredibly angry with men and wants to get back at them all, especially King Neptune. But also competitive with women, and wants to take away their beauty, talent and gifts – so wants to steal Ariel’s voice. Evil and loveable at the same time! Nanny Neptune is King Neptune’s mother, and is that english panto dame kind of character, but deep down is the cause of much of Neptune’s anger issues!

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