Hi, you guys came to my school a few days ago and did Aladdin! It was really good. My school is PLC Sydney, in Croydon. I asked a question at the end. I was the girl that asked one of the actors to sing their favourite song. Turns out it was gangnum style but she didn’t want to sing it. Aladdin was really good and I hope you soon come back to do another awesome performance. The gini and the dude that was the bad guy’s assistant were really funny.

Makayla. {•_•} <—- that's how I draw a funny face.

  1. Jacqui Martin 11 years ago

    Hi Makayla!
    That was me that you asked to sing! Sorry I didn’t sing for you, but I don’t know Korean lol. I should’ve picked a different song for you, sorry about that!
    I’m so glad you enjoyed Aladdin! You were a fantastic audience, we had so much fun! Looking forward to coming back next year to perform for you again.

  2. Lachlan J Murdoch 11 years ago

    You’re really awesome! We’ll be back next year! But what characters will we be!!??

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