Hi Again Alpha Shows Team I have got some more Questions for you
1. What songs do you sing in your shows? (if you could give me a list)
2. Do you really use Real Swords?
3. Do any of you got children
4. Do you ever got stage Fright?

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  1. Jacqui Martin 9 years ago

    Hi Ethan!
    Awesome questions
    1. We sing lots of different songs in our shows, every show has different songs that we sing, so it would be a VERY long list! But we do have a couple of original songs. Fly away is the song we sing at the end of every show and we have a party song called “Let’s rock!” Other than our originals we do popular songs from the radio that will fit in to the story.
    2. We really do use real swords! They’re not sharp at all though and we’re very well trained with how to use them safely. If we used plastic ones they might break and could be more dangerous, so it’s safer to use real metal swords.
    3. No, none of the actors have any children. We spend a lot of time traveling and away from home which we couldn’t really do if any of us had kids to look after.
    4. We can get stage fright, especially when we first started doing the shows! It can be pretty scary, but we just remember to feel our feelings fully. Experience the fear and the sadness we may have about not being good enough and we can come back to remembering how awesome we all are! Then we can put on amazing shows for all of you!
    Glad you enjoyed the shows Ethan! I hope I answered all of your questions

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