Thank you very much for coming to Avoca today 30/5/2013. We all really enjoyed Sleeping Beauty and we would like to ask you the following questions.

What year was Alpha shows created?
Is there a man with a black beard who played Jafar in Aladdin still a part of the Alpha Shows?
How many shows do you have altogether?
How big is your company?

Once again thank you very much for today’s show.

Grade 5/6 at Avoca Primary School

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  1. benjackson 11 years ago

    Hi Grade 5/6 of Avoca Primary!
    Glad you guys enjoyed the show so much, we had a fantastic day. You guys were an awesome audience!
    Alpha Shows was created in 2003, so we’ve been running for 10 years! We’re celebrating our 10 year anniversary this year. We now have 8 different Alpha Shows. We do Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules, King Arthur, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid! You guys would have seen most of them at your school now!
    Ben Jackson was the person who played Jafar when you saw Aladdin. He unfortunately doesn’t tour in the shows anymore, but he started Alpha Shows, and is still very involved in making the shows happen.
    Our company isn’t too big. We have our 6 actors on the tour and then we change some of our actors throughout the year. We also have some people that do lots of work for us behind the scenes, like designing and making our costumes, building our sets, washing all the costumes and other things!
    We’re so glad you enjoyed the show! Looking forward to seeing you again next year 🙂


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