“Hello Alpha show”
1.I am Wondering how you or where you get all your props from.
2.How long dos it take you to set the stage.
3.Where do you get the swords from.
4.Where do you get the smoke machines and lights from.

P.S Pleas write back

  1. Jacqui Martin 8 years ago

    Thank you for your great questions!
    1. Most of our props get made by people at Alpha Shows. Lachie and Leigh make a few of them, and Phil made some of the props as well as painting all of the sets! Phil is the dad of the guy who started Alpha Shows. Then some of the props we buy (like the lamp).
    2. It takes us an hour and a half to set up the show. We have to unload it all from the truck and then we all have our jobs for the set up, and we do the same job every time so it gets quicker and easier.
    3. We get the swords from the guy who teaches us how to fight with the swords- his name is Kyle Rowling and he runs a stage combat school in Sydney. He finds and buys the right swords for us to use in our shows.
    4. Our lights and the fog machine come from a store that supply stage lighting and equipment
    Hope you enjoyed the show!!

  2. ElliotPhillips 8 years ago

    would you ever consider having a sale for old show items such as lights, sound, props, costumes ect…??

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