Jacqui has been working for Alpha Shows since 2011. Joining the company to be a part of their brand new show of The Little Mermaid. Since then she has been involved in almost every Alpha Show on offer and has been Tour Manager for most of 2012. Performing has always been a passion for Jacqui, and within this company she has been able to fulfill her love and passion for performance whilst also gaining some fantastic managerial skills.
Jacqui also co-directs a lot of the Alpha Show productions with Lachlan Murdoch. It has been incredibly enriching to be such a big part of the creative process. But all of our rehearsals are such a great collaboration of every single one of the actors’ skills and unique ideas.
Jacqui really believes in the messages that are being taught each and every day in an Alpha Shows performance, and looks forward to sharing it with every school that she performs to. Alpha has been a very rewarding experience for Jacqui so far.

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