Hello alpha shows I’m Maddison Klijnsma I saw you recet show and I thought it was fantasic and you prop get a lot of these messages but this one is just one out of a million that u have prop anwsered I just wanted to know but how old are you all and can u anwser in like fairy Courtney (flick) because I for got you names haha thanks xoxoxoxoxoxo fro maddison p.s I sent you a selfie lol

  1. felicity.bender708 10 years ago

    Hi Maddison!
    Glad you loved the show! we do get a lot of messages, but we love hearing from you!
    Cinderella (Brianna) is 22
    Prince Charming (Dave) is 28
    Baldrick/Beady (James) is 29
    Evil Stepmother (Lachlan) is 27
    Fairy Godmother/ Khloe (Jacqui) is 26
    Khloe (Flick) is 27

    Thanks for your awesome question, YOU ROCK!!!

  2. Jacqui Martin 10 years ago

    You played Kourtney, Flick 😉

  3. Lachlan J Murdoch 10 years ago

    Actualy flick, I’m eleventy-twelve yrs old! ~ 8 ^ B{ )

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