1. benjackson 10 years ago

    Hi Millie! Yes as Jacqui said, it’s an original. A guy called Toby wrote it and we put it together and recorded it, then it’s performed live on stage. We are slowly wanting to replace more and more songs with originals. Beforehand we thought that it was best to have well known pop songs in the shows so that everyone knew them and could sing along…but that’s not always necessary, as Fly Away proves! Even some of the well known songs we use, were now only well known 10 years ago! And they still work in the show. Like 50 cent “In Da Club” isn’t really well known now, and I changed all the lyrics anyway so it’s really a ‘new song’ with just the same beat, and it’s still good in the show even tho the audience hadn’t really heard it before (it’s Hades song in Hercules).

    One day we’ll release the songs perhaps on iTunes and you can even get an album of our originals.

    Thank you!!


  2. benjackson 10 years ago


  3. Jacqui Martin 10 years ago

    Hi Millie!
    Great question 🙂
    It is an Alpha Shows original called Fly Away (Say Yes). You can download it from the website if you would like.

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