Great to see some research proving what we have thought for years. That’s why the way Alpha presents these characters is so imperative, to help children have better experiences with these beloved characters that don’t result in negative stereotypes being reinforced. All our princess characters are strong and in key ways overcome their challenges in ways that inspire the children rather than disempower them, through humility, strength of character and positive action #disney #alphashows #princess #feminism #powerfulprincess

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Researchers have looked into the influence of Disney princess culture on children, and the news isn’t good.


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  1. Abbie V-t 8 years ago

    Personally I think the main problem comes with the marketing.
    Most disney princesses are really well written and developed, like Belle, Megara, Jasmine Mulan or Tiana. However when they appear on merchandise, you don’t see Belle with a book in hand. You don’t see Tiana working herself to the bone to open her restaurant. Mulan and Merida don’t have weapons in hand and you never see Meg or how she’s the first disney leading lady to straight up reject the idea of romance. Sadly the marketing is where most of the money comes from so we aren’t likely to see it change anytime soon.

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