A Celebration of Self-Worth, Empathy and Emotional Intelligence

Alpha Shows is thrilled to announce our enriching 2024 production – the beloved classic Cinderella! For over 21 years, our company has been dedicated to using the powerful medium of live musical theater to foster critical social-emotional skills in young audiences.  

This engaging modern retelling will captivate students while providing invaluable lessons around developing self-confidence, managing emotions, navigating relationships, and making responsible choices. Cinderella’s uplifting story naturally lends itself to exploring key social-emotional competencies recognized by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL).


Nurturing the Whole Child Through Theater

At Alpha Shows, we go beyond pure entertainment to nurture the whole child using an evidence-based approach aligned with CASEL standards and recognized as a valuable resource by the Australian Department of Education. Our interactive shows provide an imaginative entry point for building:

– Self-awareness and self-confidence

– Self-management and perseverance   

– Social awareness and empathy

– Relationship and communication skills

– Responsible decision-making

As students are captivated by Cinderella’s journey to believe in herself despite adversity, they’ll engage with timeless lessons about treating others with kindness, developing inner strength, and dealing with emotions in a healthy way.

The Lifelong Impact of SEL

Research shows that effective social-emotional learning strategies integrated with academics lead to improved behavior, enhanced motivation and perseverance, and stronger leadership skills that translate to lifelong success. SEL competencies have been directly linked to better academic performance, increased desire to learn, and more positive attitudes.

An Enriching Experience for All  

Whether you’re an educator, parent, or a student theater-lover yourself, we invite you to experience the magic and empowerment of Alpha Shows’ Cinderella. In addition to spectacular talent and production quality, you’ll witness invaluable skills blossoming that will stick with children for years to come.

As we continually evolve our practice of uplifting the next generation through theater that sparks important conversations and nurtures critical life skills, Cinderella marks an exciting new chapter.  

Join us for an enriching, transformative experience you won’t want to miss! For more information and inquiries please head to www.alphashows.com.au


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